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Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Hat is back with the best news ever! We finally received a release date for the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! That’s right, the little animation that could and did is ready to come back, bigger and better than ever. As you (might) know, I’ve been waving the Miles Morales flag ever since Bendis thought him up. While his comic series has had its fair share of criticism, Into the Spider-Verse proved that Miles is a mainstream force to be reckoned with. He has become the Spider-Man for Generation Z, with the movie’s soundtrack helping to catapult him beyond other animated or live-action Spider-media (sorry Tom Holland). While April 2022 feels like a universe away, I have no doubt that the studio chose this because they will perfectly craft a worthy sequel. Let’s dive in and attempt to spec on which potential Spiders we’ll see!

(Credit goes to twitter user GamezIDontPlay for posting the above screen shot, showcasing the different Spider emblems that were teased in the gif announcement. Also, I will be numbering them from left-to-right, and I will follow the same direction at each subsequent row. All information was gathered with the help of CLZ Comic App, reddit, CGC forums, GoCollect, and good ol’ Google.)


1. Black and red – Easily Miles Morales. He was the star of the first film, and while this film will introduce new Spiders, there’s no doubt that he’ll maintain star power in the film. His first appearance (Ultimate Fallout #4) has shot up from the measly $20 that it was for the longest time into a steady $100. The continued success of these Spider-Verse films will continue to push that number. $100 now might seem like a steal in 2022! Don’t forget that there is also a 1:25 variant as well as two different 2nd prints.


2. Neon red and white – Could be Spider-Man 2099. He made an awesome cameo at the end of the first film, and his device will surely play a key role in the multi-dimension hopping. Plus, it’s Oscar Isaac, man! Miguel O’Hara’s first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man #365. It usually languishes between $10-$20, mainly due to its massive print run. His first solo issue (Spider-Man 2099 #1) doesn’t command too much money either because it also had a giant print run. However, the real money book is the ToyBiz reprint of this issue (differentiated by a white border instead of a red one). The Tin Hat speculates this movie can help move this book in 2022 so stock up on those Hamilton first appearances. They just might become Grants!


3. Yellow and red – This is unmistakably the Emissary From Hell, Supaidaman! The logo has a very Japanese feel to it, plus it’s the same color scheme as the TV show’s logo. Supaidaman is everyone else’s other favorite Spider-Man mainly because he pilots a giant mecha known as Leopardon. Expect a very Power Rangers-, Megazord-like entrance for this Spider. The first appearance for Supaidaman and his robot is Amazing Spider-Man #12 (Vol. 3). This was during the massive Spider-Verse event that inspired the first movie and will surely heavily influence the sequel. That book has a lot of variants, but the best one to get is the 1:25 Connecting Dell’Otto variant.


(Edit: Before this article got published, Phil Lord confirmed that Supaidaman would appear in this movie.)


4. Black and red (scratched) – This color scheme heavily implies The Superior Spider-Man. After Dan Slott “killed off” Peter Parker and received countless death threats, he had Otto Octavious living out in Peter’s body as the Superior Spider-Man. Although maligned in the beginning, this run is now considered by many as Slott’s best Spider-Man run. SpOck also played a major role in the Spider-Verse event, butting heads with the original Peter Parker due to his tactics. His first appearance is technically a tie between Daredevil #21 (Vol. 3) and Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 due to both of those books being printed and hitting shelves the week before Amazing Spider-Man #700. There is also a case to be made for Amazing Spider-Man #698 since, technically, story wise, Otto had already swapped minds with Peter in that issue. However, even with its gazillion variants, the winner is still ASM #700 on the aftermarket. Will the market change course from now until 2022?


5. Blue and red with webbing inside – This one will require some extra Tin Foil. While many believe it’ll be Peter B. Parker, the inside webbing makes the Tin Hat reminisce about the Sam Raimi movies. Will everyone’s favorite Pizza Time Spider-Man finally return for another film (with possible cameos by the other two live-action Spider-Men at the end)? There was a Wal-Mart exclusive comic titled Spider-Man: Official Movie Adaptation #1 which is probably the first appearance of this Spider in comic form. Either way, take this with a huge grain of salt! Chances are it’s just good ol’ Peter B. Parker returning for the sequel.

6. Red with what looks like highlighted yellow – This feels like Spider-Man Noir. While most might say it’s got to be Kaine, I feel like we would’ve gotten a black spider with a red outline if that were the case. My other reasoning is that the following Spiders are our returning heroes from the first film, so it makes sense that Spider-Man Noir is grouped with them. However, I’m not 100% sure either. It could end up being a completely different Spider. Kaine’s first appearance is the giant print run known as Web of Spider-Man #119, and his first appearance under the Scarlet Spider moniker is in Marvel Point One #1. Spider-Man Noir’s first appearance is in Spider-Man Noir #1.


7. Blue and red – Peni Parker for sure. She quickly became a prominent Spider for those who didn’t care for the limelight that was Spider-Gwen. She pilots a mecha and has a telekinetic link with a spider. Her first appearance is in Edge of Spider-Verse #5.


8. Pink – Unmistakably Spider-Ham. Kids love Spider-Ham! His first appearance is in Marvel Tails #1.


9. White and pink – Easily Spider-Gwen. While the other 3 supporting characters experienced a rise followed by a fall in their first appearances, Spider-Gwen continues to rise and rise. She’s not going anywhere. Her first appearance is in Edge of Spider-Verse #2.


10. Yellow and red with a moon – While the moon automatically makes anyone think of Cindy Moon, I believe her Spider logo comes later. The Tin Hat believes that this Spider could be Pavitr Prabhakar, the Spider-Man from India. There is also another tasty theory floating around. The moon could be a reference to the Turkish flag, and the colors could reference 3 Dev Adam, the cult-classic film that introduced the world to Turkish Spider-Man. If you’ve never seen Turkish Spider-Man, stop reading this article and YouTube it now! You won’t regret. While it is a very rare chance for this evil version of Spider-Man to make an appearance, it would be a knock-out in today’s meme culture. Pavitr Prabhakar’s first appearance was in Spider-Man: India #1. I don’t think Turkish Spider-Man has made a comic debut yet.


11. Cartoony logo – This logo is reminiscent of an old Hanna-Barbera animation cel. Zooming in also shows what could be buildings making up the body of the logo. This could very well be the Spider-Man from the 1960s TV Show. We did get him in a memorable cameo at the end of the first film, so it’s a guarantee he’ll return for the sequel (and give us more meme inducing memories). This Spider-Man made his first appearance during the Spider-Verse event in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Vol 3.).


12. White logoGoing off of the white color, this could be the PS4 Spider-Man. The PS4 video game became the best-selling Spider-Man game ever as well as the best reviewed Spider-Man game. It gave us a powerful story that had a very emotional ending. It is no surprise that this Peter Parker quickly became a fan favorite. This Spider-Man made his comic debut in Spider-Geddon #0.


13. Purple, pink, cyan, gliterry – This is the logo that the Tin Hat believes is Cindy Moon. This color scheme, although vastly different from her costume colors, seems to resonate with her personality. However, if you look at the background of the brightly colored Spider, it’s black, grey, and red, the colors of her suit. She’s all but confirmed to be in the Spider-Women spin-off movie according to some articles, and her story can definitely continue if they go with the original Spider-Verse comic event. Cindy Moon makes her first appearance in the massively printed Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Vol 3.), and she makes her first appearance as Silk in Amazing Spider-Man #4 (Vol 3.).


14. Black spider with red circle – The outer appearance of this logo makes everyone quickly think of The Bombastic Bagman. While that would be hella cool, the other thing to notice about this logo is that the “paper bag” could also be a manila envelope. There is also a paper clip and a blade. This all sounds like something associated with espionage. In fact, thinking of the color scheme as a whole, this could be Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. She’s also slated to star alongside Silk and Spider-Gwen in the Spider-Women movie according to some articles and can have a huge role in spying on the Inheritors, much like the comic event. Jessica Drew’s first appearance was in Marvel Spotlight #32.


15. Red spider on pink background – This final logo just might be Spider-Girl, Mayday Parker. Her baby brother, Benjy, was center to the entire Inheritor war. They could easily have her cameo at the end of the spin-off film, maybe Benjy gets abducted, and she ends up having to team up with the rest of the Spiders for the sequel. Mayday Parker’s first appearance was in What If? (Vol 2.) #105.


There you have it, Tin Hatters! 15 Spiders! While it might sound like a lot, don’t forget that the female Spiders will end up getting a lot of development time in their movie and some of these other Spiders will just be supporting characters. Of course, it might be awhile before we get confirmation on the villains or plot of the movie; it may not end up being about the Inheritors at all! However, if so many multi-verse Spiders will be here, there has to be a reason for all this interdimensional hopping around. Do you agree with my picks? Are there other options out there? Will we see Leopardon in glorious CGI?! As always, look up the skies, swing around, have peat moss in your storage, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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