Top 25 Golden Age Christmas Covers

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25:  Panic #1


1953 EC Comic, banned in Massachusetts by the AG at the time due to the Night Before Christmas parody.


24: Batman #45


Win Mortimer cover from 1948.



23: Archie Giant Series Magazine #1


I believe this is the first Archie Christmas cover.  Surprising as Archie had been around over a decade at this point.


22: Comic Cavalcade #9


December 1944 Ed Hibbard cover.


21: Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #4


One of the earliest if not first Disney Christmas cover in comic books.


20: Action Comics #105


1947 Supes and Santa cover by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye.


19: Captain Marvel #19


1942 C.C. Beck cover featuring Santa Mary Marvel and Cap.  This issue also happens to be the second Mary Marvel appearance.


18: Comic Calvalcade #13


Hibbard cover from December of 1945.


17: Four Color #367


An amazing Carl Barks cover from 1951.  Barks also lends his talents on the interior art as well.


16: Famous Funnies #29


Just the 3nd Christmas cover in comics.  Victor Pazmino cover on this December 1936 release.


15: Green Lama #7


Mac Raboy 1945 classic is slowly gaining favor among collectors, not sure if it is the cover or that this is part of one of the few Golden Age runs that can still be put together on a modest budget.


14: Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #39


Although Carl Barks is the artist of one of the stories, this is not a Barks cover.  It is believed to be Dan Noonan who did a handful of issues in this early part of the WDC&S run including the previous issue which sports a Halloween cover.


13: Comic Cavalcade #5 


Frank Harry 1943 classic.  1st Christmas Cover by DC(National Periodicals at the time).


12: Captain Marvel Jr #14


1943 Fawcett release featuring classic Jr and Santa cover by Mac Raboy.


11: Superman’s Christmas Adventure 1940


The first Superman comic to feature merchandising also sports a great Christmas cover.  Many variations exist as the box was originally a blank white box where businesses put their name and gave this away.


10: Famous Funnies #41


The 4th in a line of many Famous Funny Holiday themed covers, this one is by Victor Pazmino


9: Batman #33


Dick Sprang on this classic 1946 Batman cover. 


8: Xmas Comics #1(1941)


Interesting comic, 324 pages which contains Whiz Comics #21, Captain Marvel Adventures #3, Bulletman #2, Wow Comics #3, and Master Comics #18.  Mac Raboy cover, truly showing off his talents and reminding those why he considered one of the best of the era.


7: Black Cat #27


Hitting newsstands in December of 1944, this is easily the top Harvey Christmas cover.  Lee Elias handled pencils and inks as he did for a fair portion of this run, in fact from the 2nd issue all the way until the first issue of Black Cat Mystery(#30)


6: Batman #27


The first Batman Christmas cover debuted in 1945 though this was probably on newsstands for December ’44.  Jack Burnley is the cover artist, best known for great Superman covers from the early days of DC(1940-1947)


5: Four Color Comics #178


From December of 1947 Carl Barks debuted his own original duck character Uncle Scrooge in the 20 page story written and drawn by Barks entitled Christmas on Bear Mountain.


4: Adventure Comics #113


February 1947 date really has this releasing in December of 46.  Another super classic from DC who seemed to really embrace the holiday covers during the early years.  Pencils by Stan Kaye, Ink done by George Russos.


3: Famous Funnies #5


Not only does this December 1934 ring in as the first ever Comic Christmas Cover(and 1st appearance of Santa), it also is just the 10th comic book ever printed.  While the market was soft on this and the following 2 Xmas covers from this series for a very long time, about 2 years ago that all changed.  A great example of a comic with real historic importance that was overlooked for too long.


2: Vault of Horror #35


Johnny Craig at his finest.  What a mind melter of a cover…  Indicia date of February 1954 makes this the last Christmas Cover before the adoption and use of the Comic Code Authority.


1: Sensation Comics #38


Harry G Peter delivers us the #1 Xmas cover on the list.  From 1945 this classic Wonder Woman cover is a chase book for not only the Christmas Cover collectors but also the Wonder Woman collectors.  While still affordable in the lower grades, the mid to high grade examples have left most Golden Age collectors watching but not being able to purchase.

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