So after the PCH list, I figured I would try a shorter Crime list, then maybe others depending the success. I went with 30 as I do not know nearly enough to do a top 50. Anyway, here it is, based 100% on my opinion and what I THINK I know about the market.




30 – The Killers #1

Cool comic, cool cover, not really known. Good way to start off the list.

29 – Thrilling Crime Cases #49

Final issue of the series and a classic LB Cole cover.

28 – Shock SuspenStories 12

Classic Hypodermic Needle cover and addiction story.

27 – Underworld Crime #7

Tough to find and by no means cheap is not a great combination unless you are the owner.

26 – Suspense Detective #5

While I think a lot of folks are going to go with Issue 4 here, I had to pick from the 2 and went with this cover.

25 – Crime Suspenstories #20

One of the two Johnny Craig suicide covers. An easier to acquire book from the list.

24 – Crime Patrol #7

1st Captain Crime appearance and a cool pre New Trend EC.

23 – Fight Against Crime #10

Snake Pit Murder… It’s a thing.

22 – Manhunt #2

Intense and creepy at the same time. Good girl art to boot.

21 – Crime Suspenstories #8

Creepy ass cover obviously by the master Craig.

20 – Harvey Comics Library #1

Teenage Dope Slaves? The over the topness of this cover is a real achievement.

19 – Fight Against Crime #16


18 – Fight Against Crime #6

Great classic cover and a scarcely seen book

17 – Fight Against Crime #21

I like this book a lot and think the market is a bit lite on it considering the content.

16 – Famous Crimes #2

Classic Lingerie cover.

15 – Crime Mysteries #4

Bondage and blood draining? The things some people collect…

14 – Crime Suspenstories #17

Classic Craig Suicide cover. Wildly graphic even by today’s standards(why yes, that is brain splatter exiting the skull).

13 – Monster Crime Comics #1

If Shaun Leggitt wrote a crime comic, this would be it.

12 – Law Against Crime #1

First issue of the 3 comic run. Fantastic Electrocution cover by LB cole.

11 – Crime Does Not Pay #43

Another fantastically graphic cover, this one by Charles Biro.

10 – Manhunt #14

Anytime a Hypodermic Needle hits a comic cover it is an instant classic. This is certainly no exception to the rule, and could be a big part of why folks are chasing covers like that.

9 – Crimes by Women #3

Classic Bad girl crime cover. Excellent subject matter and used in SOTI.

8 – Crimes By Women #6

The Ultimate Cat Fight cover! For the time(1949) this was EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. By no means an easy find but the search continues!

7 – Exposed #1

Strangulation cover with the Reaper waiting patiently.

6 – Crime Does Not Pay #33

Wow, I almost see this as a horror comic, but it fits nice on this list, so, here it is. Great over the top cover to grab your attention and take your 10 cents.

5 – True Crime Comics #3

What a great cover by Jack Cole. Incredibly graphic, as are the previous 2 issues, and its argued that #2 is the better book. For me this is the clear winner from the trio.

4 – Lawbreakers Suspense Stories 11

What??? What??? Cutting people’s tongues out on the cover of a Charlton comic book… Yeah, I have no idea why the Comics Code Authority was introduced…

3 – Fight Against Crime #20

Another severed head cover, this featuring what we assume is the killer trying to dump the body in the sewer…

2 – Crime Suspenstories #22

Who didn’t see this coming? Unless you thought this classic decapitation cover by Johnny Craig would be resting in the number one spot. Nope, though this comic is a monster and commands hundreds of dollars in the lowest of grades, it is outshined by…

1 – Crime Does Not Pay #24

Not sure what to say, this is so beyond over the top that it easily competes with the top shock horror covers of the period. A fan, collector and investor’s safehaven for parking some funds, this book seems a safe a bet as any comic as shock value is not going to decline.

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