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20 Weird Tales of the Future #8

Another Bernard Bailey cover. Easily one of his best, not the best known book, but as is PCH, more and more folks are getting hip to this sort of cover and we are seeing more enter the marketplace.

19 Crypt of Terror #17

Tied for first “New Trend” comic at E.C. Crypt 17 always has and likely always will be considered one of the top EC books to own.

18 Tales of Terror Annual 1951

One would think that with all the File Copies flying around, only the true key EC Issues would make the list. The problem here is locating a copy. When one does come to market the many(far too many in my opinion) fanatic run completionists remind onlookers why EC is the king of the horror genre.

17 Punch Comics #12

Another comic that could fit on multiple lists, be it PCH, Crime, Golden Age Classic Covers and more. Without a doubt, one of the toughest to find and most expensive books on this list.

16 The Thing #7

A pretty amazing injury to eye cover, which is next to unheard vs the injury eye panels that appear in many books. Tough to find in any grade.

15 Tomb of Terror #15

A lot of folks have this right up next to Black Cat Mystery 50, mostly I think because they are both Lee Elias covers. I don’t know what it is about this one. Sure, great cover, great content, but not nearly as powerful as BCM 50. Still ranks high, but not that high…

14 Front Page #1

Argued(as should be) to be the first horror comic over Eerie #1. While the cover certainly features multiple aspects that easily qualify as “PCH” the content is lacking, especially when compared to the later printed Eerie.

13 Chamber of Chills #19

Claiming #13 on the spot is a comic that, unfortunately for fans, has a larger base of interest due to appearing on the 1984 Misfits Album “Die, Die My Darling”. While fireworks are often seen when a copy comes to auction, it is rumored (not confirmed) that CBSI tall man Shaun “snoopy” Leggitt has offered up tickets to the Oakland Raiders home closer to anyone who helps him upgrade his personal copy…

12 Vault of Horror #12

The other half of the “tied for first New Trend” comic over at EC, Vault 12 seems far tougher to find than Crypt of Terror 17.

11 War Against Crime #10

One of the “in between” titles for EC and the 1st appearance of the Old Witch as well as the Vault of Horror.

10 Weird Mysteries #4

Bernard Baily cover. Not much else to say about this comic, the cover does that for me.

9 Crime Patrol #15

1st Appearance of the Crypt Keeper and 1st issue of one of the many “in between” titles that EC was spitting out in an attempt to morph into this “New Trend” companies.

8 Witches Tales #25

Bob Powell brings us this incredibly graphic severed head cover. Far over the top which is exactly what the point of these covers was. Bravo.

7 Horrific #3

CLASSIC. Plain and simple. The fans know and the fans want. Unfortunately the fans are also willing to pay up for this and there always seems to be just a bit too much competition for this book.

6 Punch Comics #9

I really want to rate this above Punch 12, the cover is a near orgy of fantastic content. While collectors do not put the amount of faith (cash) they do in Punch 12, this comic still commands silly amount of money when trotted out to auction.

5 Suspense Comics #8

One of the earlier releases on the list. Though it is one of the definitive “Classic Covers” in all of comics, a lot will argue that this is certainly not a PCH cover, but it gets lumped in so often, I am doing the same.

4 Menace #5

1st Appearance of the Zombie and a comic that is gaining more and more traction as copies surface in auction.

3 Eerie #1

With a publishing date of January of 1947, this is considered by most to be the first horror comic book. OSPG even goes as far as to list it as the most expensive horror comic. While a great book and extremely important to the true PCH fan, there are still a couple books that made it higher on the list.

2 Weird Mysteries #5

I literally could have tossed a coin to decide the top 2. I gave it to BCM based solely on the awareness for the book, where WM 5 is more of a cult favorite. Incredible cover content and a damn tough book to find, I was lucky enough to secure a copy from CBSI’s resident straight man, Khoi Cakes. In fact, I got a few very nice PCH comics from Mr Cakes which I am sure I will be retelling for the website once I can get to some books and actually take pics for the site.

1 Black Cat Mystery #50

The king of the hill, the big daddy, Black Cat Mystery #50. Again, I went with this cover based on awareness alone. Not to take anything away from this visual masterpiece penciled and inked by Lee Elias. While copies are still surfacing and making their way through different collector hands, the price is consistently rising, and probably will continue for coming decades.

That’s all I got folks. For those of you who managed to read through the quagmire of personal opinion, random stats and ramblings; I thank you. For those who skimmed over pictures so they could get to the bottom and tell me what I missed and what I did wrong… I don’t blame you.

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