Tortall, Iron Fist meets Shang Chi and More!


Welcome back to True Firsts!  This week I am changing pace and leaving Hellboy behind.  Here are few foreign picks and some others relevant books to look out for.




The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Special 1 ( Summer 1994 )

First cover for Iron Fist and Shang-Chi together


It is true that the two martial arts masters do not meet until Master of Kung Fu Annual 1 in 1976 but this one is interesting in that they are both part of a story that connects to multiple characters and they appear on the cover fighting together.




Avengers UK 52

This cover is original to UK and features  Shang-Chi and Iron Fist fighting together once again. It is possible that this came out around the same time as book above.




Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 6

First cover for the Sons of the Tiger


There are a lot of character announcement for this movie and certain minor character books are starting to move.  If there is a tournament style film as rumored it is probable that the Sons appear.




Avengers UK 76

First cover with Sons of The Tiger, Shang-Chi and Iron Fist

T His one reprints the Special from above and is another cover that predates Masters of Kung Fu Annual 1.




Batman Nightwalker

First appearance of the Nightwalkers and Madeleine Wallace

I am a sucker for new character firsts in the Batman universe.  Who Knows, these two could be important down the road and this one is going to be cheap.  Stash and wait.





The Tortall universe is getting adapted and surprisingly there was a comic al biet a fan compilation of comics and illustrations. Considering how well Old Man Skywalker does this one might be worth looking into.




IDW Summer Catalog 2014

I mentioned this a few years ago, with V Wars coming to Netflix in December this is one to look out for in quarter bins.  IT features a preview of the series.





Fantasy Advertiser 103

Here’s a foreign cover for The Killing Joke that predates the one-shot!


Grimm Fairy Tales 1 Diamond Exclusive

Limited to 1000 this is an Amazing Finch cover.

Marvel Team Up 40

The Spectacular Spider-Man 9


With all the drek that gets optioned daily I am always surprised no one has tried to squire Colleen Doran’s epic fantasy.  It was once a collector’s darling and now no one really remembers it.  Here are my favorite covers and 42 is a scarce last issue.


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