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Pardon my brief hiatus, but the City Supreme’s fallen son has returned. Even I can get consumed in the big bright lights, but I’m back! It’s been over a month since I wrote my last article and for that I apologize. I do however plan on giving you your weekly fix of the greatest city for some weeks to come.

I was browsing eBay last week and found myself baffled. Don’t get me wrong, I too get caught up in the speculation of popular modern books, although in my defense they’re usually a 15k or less print run and a great independent read, but I digress. So there I am, hunting for ghouls and deals, and I see an issue of Totally Awesome Hulk #22 had just ended. Yes the very same TAH #22 that was released on August 16th 2017, less than one month ago. What was even more sickening…the book sold (8/28/17) for $170.50 +$8 dollars shipping, with 32 bids, 5 bidders, and the winning bidder had a feedback rating of 2,700.


Am I missing something? Did Marvel just give us an epic new character? No…they didn’t. They instead gave us a new version of Frankenstein’s monster. A Hulk/Wolverine hybrid; Weapon H.

Now this wasn’t just any copy of TAH #22…this was GUARANTEED to be a CGC 9.8 or your money back! And to that I say, IT DAMN WELL BETTER BE! People, the book came out less than one month ago?!? How damaged could the thing be? 9.8s are a dime a dozen with these modern day books and the paper they’re printed on. As the late great Chris Farley loosely stated “I could put a piece of S*%# in a box and mark it guaranteed, but then all you’re left with is a guaranteed piece of S*#%“.

You see, I had heard the hype behind this book and saw it steadily selling for $20 plus the first week. And I see for the most part, they range from $35-$60 currently. But then I saw more closed auctions that sold at prices such as $76 on 9/4/17, $62 on 8/30/17, and $107.50 on 8/29/17. This brings me back to the (2,700) feedback guy on eBay who paid $170.50. This was no “newbie” who I would possibly give a pass. This was a gentlemen who knew comics. For goodness sakes there are buy it nows for the same book for $120 cheaper. Unless that puppy gets graded a 9.9 or gem 10… that person will never see a return on that Marvel slop.

It just really got me thinking about the “what have you done for me lately” world that we live in. These flavor of the week titles/characters (zero originality in Weapon H’s case). People would rather shell out big boy dollars for the newest thing, as oppose to dropping that cash on golden/silver/bronze age books that have developed and legendary characters.

Just three weeks ago I purchased an Amazing Spider-Man #14 (first appearance of the Green Goblin for $168.75. Now it wasn’t the NM that TAH “is”, but it’s a VG of one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe. Some other books that you could buy on eBay right now under $170 (though not Near Mint, but complete and nice additions to PCs) are Marvel Premiere #15 (first app Iron Fist), Tales of Suspense #57 (first app Hawkeye), Hulk #271 (First Rocket Raccoon), and Ms. Marvel #1 amongst many other key villains and heroes. This comic book game will always be an enigma.

Books to Watch

Cable and Deadpool #1 – right now this book can be bought from the $25-$40 range. I think when the trailer drops for Deadpool 2, this book makes one final jump too $100+ before stabilizing at $30 after the film. I’d recommend buying this now and flipping it after the second trailer. I think you could easily double/triple+ your investment if you only put $25 into it.

Cyblade/Shi #1 – yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking “This guy loses all credibility”. And you may be right. I’m not sure of the print run, but I can assume it was high. But this is the first appearance of Witchblade. At the moment Witchblade #1 is the hotter book ($15-$30) but with the success of the Wonder Woman film, expect more comic book heroines to start coming out of the woodwork. I bought one of these for 50 cents and sold it for $10 bucks. You can get these CHEAP!

Chew (Quentin Tarantino film covers)

I could talk about this Eisner award winning series for days! It’s that fun and original. A shame it had to end. Chew #1 still fetches a nice dime, but I really think these four covers could be difficult to find in the future!

Chew #13 (Pulp Fiction) Chew #13 second print (Reservoir Dogs)
Chew #35 (Kill Bill) Chew #55 (Hateful 8)

That’s all for now Goblins. Keep your eyes off of the fireworks. Sometimes they blind you.

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