Trade Secrets #30


Hello my friends and welcome to the 30th edition of Trade Secrets.

It’s the time of year when most people see their Ebay sells slow down. That’s the situation I find myself in at least. But usually the going gets tough just before you make a breakthrough.

Case in point. The used trade paperbacks have been refreshed at my favorite book store and I found some gems among the stones. Here’s the rundown.


Batman Second Chances TPB


Batman Second Chances TPB (Cover price $19.99) is selling well right now. The last two went for $53 and $69. I found one in great condition for $12.

It collects Batman #402-403, 408-416, and ANNUAL #11.


Thor Ultimate Collection TPB By Kieron Gillen


Thor by Kieron Gillen features a sweet cover by Miko Suayan. This TPB is packed with 312 pages of Asguardian action. It retails for $34.99, but I scored one for $15. It’s most recent sell on Ebay was $54.

Thor Ultimate Collection collects Thor (3rd Series) #604-614, Siege: Loki, and New Mutants (3rd Series) #11.


Incredible Hulk Visionaries John Byrne TPB


Incredible Hulk Visionaries John Byrne is bringing a solid $40 right now. I just might have to reach up to my personal collection shelf and let this one go. I purchased it 5 or so years ago for half off its normal price of $24.99.

This trade reprints Incredible Hulk  #314-319, Annual #14, and Marvel Fanfare #29.


Wolverine Omnibus


Ok, I didn’t find this one in the wild, but I have bought and sold it twice. I just thought I would add an omnibus into the mix. I want to remind everyone to do some research on Ebay. There are always several omnibuses that bring great prices. Need some spending cash for upcoming conventions? This one can bring you $220!

Hope you all find some winners this week. Be careful out there.

Agent Newton out.


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