Trade Secrets #31


Hello my fellow agents. In this week’s edition of Trade Secrets I bring you four books. Each one is more valuable than the next. They are also books I have seen in the wild, but failed to pickup.

That’s alright. Mistakes are not failure unless you give up.


Green Lantern Emerald Twilight New Dawn DC TPB


I believe this one was priced at something like $4 when I had a chance to buy it. In like new condition it sells for around $35. Not the worst mistake I’ve ever made, but I hate missing out on those easy $30 flips.

This volume collects Green Lantern (2nd Series) #48-55.




In the past I never thought to check on Venom trades. This series came out during a time when I wasn’t collecting comics. This collection of Venom (2011) #31-35 just brought $66.66 on Ebay. Was this an outlier? Time will tell. At the moment there are only three other listings. Let’s watch and see what happens.


Fantastic Four: Books of Doom TPB


What can I say. It was early in my career. I didn’t have a clue that this trade (both hardcover and paperback) sold for over $100. Of course, now that I know I haven’t found it since.

It collects Books of Doom #1-6.


The Compleat SALLY FORTH


This is another one from my early days of flipping, back when I never checked the Fantagraphics books. I do now. A copy of The Compleat Sally Forth just sold for $180. Its retail price is $19.95. Remember to look up the Fantagraphics books. There aren’t usually that many, so it won’t take you long and could definitely make you money.

For the record, the meaning of the idiom sally forth is: to leave a safe place in a brave or confident way in order to do something difficult.

And so my fellow agents I leave you and encourage you to sally forth into the field. Search hard and find those out of print trades. Just remember to have fun!

Agent Newton out.


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