Trade Secrets #32


Greetings my fellow agents.

Another week brings another interesting batch of sales data to survey. Let’s jump right in.


Sensational She Hulk by John Byrne Vol 1


She was breaking the 4th wall long before Deadpool. John Byrnes’ Sensational She-Hulk TPB comes with a recolored cover from the original #1. It collects Sensational She-Hulk (1989) #1-8 and an eight page She-Hulk story from Marvel Comics Presents #18.

Maybe the “variant” cover helps this $25 trade paperback sell for over $40. It is truly hard to find. While I’m writing this article there are no copies to be found.


Savage Sword of Conan Volume 16


I’ve mentioned this one before. It’s popped up multiple times since and it always sells for a premium. Conan fans love the Gary Kwapisz art and the stories by Chuck Dixon and Gerry Conway. Keep an eye out for this $20 TPB. The last sale I found was $60.

It contains Savage Sword of Conan (1974 Magazine) #161-170.


The Eternals By Jack Kirby TPB Volume 1


There continues to be increased interest in the Eternals franchise. Witness the $25 retail Eternals by Jack Kirby selling consistently around $75. The omnibus continues to bring in the cash as well!

This trade collects Eternals (1st Series) #1-11.

That’s it for now.

Agent Newton out!


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