Trade Secrets #34


Greetings agents.  While taking a few weeks off, I took the time to find a few trade paperbacks that seem to be selling for a nice profit.


Nazi Zombies TPB


First up is Joseph Wight’s Nazi Zombies TPB. Published by Antarctic Press this book collects Nazi Zombies #1-4. I love a great zombie cover and in my opinion, Wight nails this one. I found a copy for $7.50. It sells for around $35. I think I’ll hold on to it.


Moebius Volume 5 Marvel/Epic


Jean Giraud AKA Moebius commands a strong following. He deserves it. His surreal art fires the imagination of most comic book fans.

I still find issues of this nine volume series from time to time. Volume 5 in VF will sell for $40 or more. High grade copies of this series are highly sought after.  


FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH Nightmare Warriors TPB


Everything Freddy vs Jason vs Ash sells like hotcakes. The original series, Nightmare Warriors, and both trade paperbacks are practically instasells. I recently found a copy of Nightmare Warriors. Its most recent auction brought $58. The original series TPB sells for around $70.


Freddy vs Jason vs Ash TPB


That will do it for this week. Don’t give up when searching those shelves. There’s always value just waiting to be found.

Agent Newton out.


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