Trade Secrets #35


Hello my fellow agents.

This week I want us to cover two TPBs I’ve mentioned before. Then we’ll cover a book that just showed up on my radar. Let’s jump right in.


Thor To Wake the Mangog TPB Epic Collection


It is amazing to see how some trades continue to sell for a premium. Thor To Wake the Mangog, covers Journey Into Mystery #154-174. It is classic Lee/Kirby. Throw in the origin of Galactus and you got a winner on your hands. The most recent Ebay auction shot the moon at $102.


Fantastic Four Books of Doom TPB


This book is truly hard to find. I keep it filed away in the file cabinet of my mind always thinking I will come across it in the wild, but I never do. It collects Books of Doom #1-6. Copies usually go for around $70.


X-Men The Hidden Years TPB VOL 2


I hear this was a good series. It’s on my to read list, but I don’t think I will shell out $80 to read it.

Volume 2 collects X-Men The Hidden Years #13-22, Fantastic Four #102-104, material from Yellow Claw #2, and Amazing Adult Fantasy #14  

Like I said this book is now on my radar. The most recent sales of both volumes are strong and the supply seems small.

That’s all for this week’s briefing. Now go out there and search those shelves!

Agent Newton out.


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