Trade Secrets #36


Time for another Omnibus debrief, agents.

I mentioned most of the following books before. So, I went a little deeper into the data this week. I wasn’t completely surprised by what I found, but the scale of Marvel’s domination in the omnibus market is…



Of the top 233 most recent sales over $250 the breakdown is:

Marvel: 209

Dark Horse: 11

DC: 5 (all 5 were lots of multiple issues)


I know you all love your omnibus collections, but you might want to consider the information to follow.


The Eternals Omnibus Volume 1


Jack Kirby is the king. This one only had 3 sales in the last two weeks. The figures were $299, $399, and $499.


Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Volume 3 Gil Kane Cover


I know surprise, surprise ASM omnibus volume 3. The data is the data. This volume continues to sell well averaging $320. Dare I say amazing!


The Mighty Thor Omnibus Volume 1


Is it just me or is Thor’s popularity now cemented just below Wolverine? Wherever you rank him, this omnibus disappears as quickly as it is listed and goes for around $350.


X-Men Omnibus By Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Volume 1 Ross Cover


X-men omnibuses helped me replace my car’s transmission a few years ago. I did a victory dance for everyone I sold for $250. Now they go for $400. That’s the power of the X-men!


Colossal King Conan


Sadly, DC couldn’t make the cut. But thanks to Conan, Dark Horse enters the fray. This omnibus was underprinted for sure. It features a dynamite cover by Tomás Giorello. Conan fans snatch up copies at around $320.

Colossal King Conan collects (say that 5 times as fast as you can) Conan the Cimmerian #15, King Conan: The Conqueror #1-6, King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon #1-6, King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword #1-4, King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel  #1-4, and King Conan: Wolves Beyond the Border #1-4.

That’s it for this week.

Agent Newton out.


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