Undervalued Lady Keys! Plus Contest Winner Announced!

Welcome back to the City Supreme! The discussion under last week’s article was great! I really appreciate everyone’s feedback and thoughts. All of the opinions were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every comment. Nevertheless, there must be a winner, and that winner will be listed at the end of this article. As a matter of fact, some of your comments inspired me to write this brief article.

I feel as if I may be the only one that isn’t even a little bit excited with the direction the MCU is headed (sans the horror Doctor Strange, which could be awesome). As most of you all know, I hate forced diversification in comic book culture, as well as character gender swaps to appease the masses, but I’ll save that diatribe for another article. What I do love is solid original female character.

It seems all too often these key first appearances of female mega-characters go unnoticed. Take Poison Ivy for instance. It wasn’t until recently that the market rightfully caught up with her. Two years ago, her first appearance could be found relatively cheap. Fortunately (unfortunately for us), it has gained the market following that it should have always had. Before I continue to the five-ish first appearances, I will say that Magik should and would be on this list.

The biggest problem with Magik is that defining her true first appearance is extremely difficult, as she first appeared as a baby in Giant Size X-Men #1, which is already a grail and not because of her. So here is a list of undervalued lady-keys that I think you should buy…now!


Uncanny X-Men #129


I’ve wrote about this before and Dinohin22 commented about it. Though I believe this has always been a key, the first appearance of Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde is grossly undervalued. Emma Frost is one of the most utilized X-Men characters in the modern age, and Kitty has been all over the place (and I don’t mean bouncing back and forth between Star-Lord and Colossus). These are both huge characters in the X-Men-verse, and I highly suggest buying now before everyone else opens their eyes and realizes it.


Avengers Annual #10


Salestoastonish recommended this book, and it would have been a winner, except…I already consider it a key. That being said, the first appearance of Rogue is extremely undervalued and was a great comment. Rogue is being utilized more and more, and the market should start appreciating Rogue for the great character that she is. Rogues story intertwines with so many, and she’s a major player in the X-Men.


All Star Comics #58


Everyone loves a sexy Power Girl cover. So much so, that high grade variants of her modern books sell for more than mid-grade of her first appearance. She is the fanboys dream girl, and why this book is still affordable absolutely baffles me. Buy, buy, buy!


Amazing Spider-Man #31


Perhaps I’m biased because I’m team Gwen in the battle of Gwen vs MJ, but this is a hyper-key. It also gets no credit on the market as such. It’s the first appearance of Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. Gwen is another one of those characters that shows up on a cover, and we buy it. I’m not a huge fan of this particular cover, and think it would have benefited had she been on it, but that’s ancient history. She’s Peters first legitimate love interest (come on, a couple of dates with Betty Brant don’t count), and she was the victim of one of the most iconic moments in Marvel comics. You’d be paying less for a mid-grade copy of this than you would a high grade of Edge of the Spider-Verse #2. Soak that in.


Tales of Suspense #97 & Iron Man #17


This is my sleeper choice, as she may be correctly valued at this moment in time, but not for long. The first appearance of Whitney Frost and first appearance of Frost as Madame Masque are undervalued books. TTS #97 is also the first appearance of Whiplash as well. Madame Masque was a huge player in Iron Mans comic book life, as well as a love interest. She was revitalized in the New Avengers series in the early 2000’s as a bad*$$ and the Hoods side gal. If the Hood rumors are true, and he appears in one of these Disney+ series, I’d anticipate seeing Madame Masque appearing as well. She’d be a great foe for Hawkeye or Black Widow.


And the winner is…

This was tough. It was a blast seeing the amount of responses, and many of you had GREAT choices, but I already considered some of them as widely-viewed keys (The Nick Fury response by Fourwayflashers was great, and an undervalued book yes, but that is 100% already a key IMO). That being said, in Diesel City, there are no participation trophies and only one champion. It is however nice to give a fair shout-out. S. Darkness, your selection of ASM #37 is a fine choice, and your clever comment was equally as good. Norman Osborns first appearance is still very overlooked, and I think people will regret not buying that sooner rather than later.

Okay, now onto the winner…Slanthook! Now Slanthook, I’m feeling generous as I was struggling to give it to you due to picking two different issues, but I didn’t state otherwise in the rules, and I strongly agree with your second choice. I will send you an email requesting your mailing address so that I can send you your books. Excellent choice my friend and congratulations!


First appearance of Fantomex

First cover appearance of Fantomex


New X-Men #128 (first appearance of Fantomex) is only about a $15-$25 book. Fantomex is a character that has ties to Wolverine and is a member of the Uncanny X-Force (the baddest team in the business). As stated, he has an awesome skill set, origin story, and a great costume. I also agree that had he appeared on the cover, this book would have more interest. He has appeared on some great X-Force covers, and did put a bullet in Kid Apocalypse head. With more Deadpool films and Disney owning X-Men, this is a book I would recommend buying…you won’t regret it.

As always thanks for reading. With respect and class…A.J. Diesel.



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