Variant Heat Check for 9/26/17


Edge of Spider-verse #2 1:25 Land Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

I talked about this book a few weeks ago before she premiered on the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon on Disney XD, the guys talked about it on the podcast, and now it breaks a G for a 9.8! I’m thinking a resurrected Gwen Stacy has some legs.

Rick and Morty Pocket Like You Stole It #1 Nerd Block Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

I thought it was a joke at first when I saw this book selling for close to $500. Apparently that’s what happens when a company goes bankrupt and the hottest book on the market gets a recall.

Deadpool vs. X-force #1 1:25 Campbell Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

This is an interesting book. Leading up to the movie it was pretty hot and going for well over $100, then cooled off and could be gotten for around $80. Copies seemed to have dried up a bit and now it’s picking up steam again.

Black Magic #8 Frison Variant

Drops this week!

Really light week so I’ll stick with Jenny Frison.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.

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