Spider-Man #1

The Thirteen Faces of the McFarlane Spider-Man #1

On June 19, 1990, Todd McFarlane‘s Spider-Man #1 was released, and comic books would never be the same again.

“Torment” is the story arc written by Todd McFarlane, which encompassed the first five issues of the new ongoing Spider-Man comic book. It was published in 1990 by Marvel Comics. The comic was a record-breaking sales success and helped start the next stage of development in the Modern Age of Comic Books, which would lead to the formation of Image Comics and the rise of the speculator market.

The series was a massive sales success with over 2.5 million copies printed. McFarlane stayed on the title until issue #16 (November 1991) in which the story was printed in a landscape format.

Silver Spider-Man #1


Direct Sale Only

Spidey in the UPC Box

Silver Bagged Spider-Man #1

Silver – Bagged

Direct Sale Only

No price on the cover, but on bag only.

Spidey in the UPC Box

125,000 copies made

Silver Spider-Man #1 with no price

Silver – No Price

Same as Silver Bagged, but this is a copy that has been removed from the bag.

Green – Direct Edition

Spidey in the UPC box.

$1.75 Cover Price

Green – Bagged

Spidey In UPC Box,

125,000 Copies Made

Green – Bagged UPC

Newsstand Edition

Unbagged, With UPC Code

Green – UPC

Same as Green Bagged, but this is a copy that has been removed from the bag.


2nd printing

Gold UPC

Less than 10,000 copies made.

Wal-Mart Version


Retailer Incentive Edition

10,000 Copies Made

No price on the cover.


Marvel Collectible Classics reprints the first issue

Cover Price $13.50 Published in 1998

Not an original variant.

Spider-Man Gold Bagged Error Edition

Gold Error Edition(?)


Image was sent to us by a visitor who bought it off of eBay

Dynamic Forces

Signed Edition

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