Venom Special

The hype on Venom is at an all time high thanks to an upcoming film with a solid lead actor attached. We have all seen what happens when even an obscure character name ( Ann Weying ) gets announced! Here is a quick checklist of all the Venom’s you might want to stock up on! While Pork Grind is unlikely to see time on the big screen it’s safer just to buy them all.

Web of Spider-Man 18 Brock’s hand only, 24 Venom arm only, Amazing Spider-Man 298,299,300

First appearances of Venom ( Eddie Brock )

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 7

First appearance of Venom 2 ( Angelo Fortunado )

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 10

First appearance of Venom 3 ( Max Gargan )

The Amazing Spider-Man 654

First Flash Thompson as Venom

Note: There are other printings for this book, none as rare as the 2nd print.

Spider-Man / Red Sonja 3

First appearance of Kula Venom

Ultimate Spider-Man 37

First Ultimate Venom

Venom 9

First Wolvervenom?

Venom Sinner takes all 2

First Ann Weying as the Bride of Venom

Spider-Girl 5

First E-982 Venom ( Peter Parker )

Spider-Girl 81

Second E-982 Venom ( Norman Osborn )

Marvel Zombies 5

First Zombie Venom ( Eddie Brock )

Earth X 8

First Earth X Venom ( May Parker )

Backlash / Spider-Man 2

First Pike Venom

Spider-Man 2099 35a,b

First appearance of Venom 2099

Spider-Man 2099 44

First Sub-Mariner 2099 Venom

What if? 44

First appearance of Punisher Venom

What if? 4

First Hulk-Venom & Thor-Venom

Spider-Man and Power Pack 3

First Power Pack Venom

Web of Spider-Man 90

First Galactus-Venom

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 24

First Torch-Venom

Spider-Man / Fantastic Four 2

First Fantastic-Venom, She-Hulk Venom, Franklin-Venom & Invisible Venom!

Cable & Deadpool 50

First Deadpool-Venom

Spider-Island: I Love New York City 1

First Venom-Pigeon

Spider-Man Siege 1

First Ms. Marvel as Venom

What The? 20

First Pork Grind

What if? The Other

First Poison

Venom 1 ( 2017 )

First Lee Price as Venom

Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Clan 1

First Mangaverse Venom

Mini Marvels 1

First Mini-Venom

Extraordinary X-Men 8

First Omega World Venom

Note: There are multiple printings and variants for this book!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

First Conrad Marcus as Venom

Marvel Universe vs the Punisher 2

First Last Man on Earth Venom

Hail Hydra 2

First Hydra Venom

Guardians of the Galaxy 21,21b

First appearance of Rocket-Venom & Groot-Venom

Guardians of the Galaxy 22,23

First appearance of Drax-Venom & Klyntar

Spider-Man Adventures 10

First Animated Venom

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