Venom, Thor 4, The Boys and More!

Welcome back Specers and collectors. I heard the good news on True Firsts heading to Simpleman’s Comics on Youtube!  I am very excited for my content to be featured on their platform so I have stuffed this weeks article with some crazy picks.



Venom 4

If Gorr makes it onto the big screen that means the Necrosword does too.  This one tells the origin of that weapon.


I believe this is the first cover for the Golden Gods who stripped Knul of the All Black, allowing it to fall into Gorr’s hands.



Purgatory USA

First published work by Ed Brubaker

I mentioned this one years ago but a recent movie deal means requires a repeater.




Venom 2 ( 4th print )

First Grendel Cover

First covers are still a thing and this one is the first for Knull’s avatar Grendel!



Thor God of Thunder 12

It’s hard for me to actually speculate on this but it should be mentioned.  Marvel sure had a strange way of revealing that Jane Foster had cancer.  If you read this it was sorta just tossed in there.  All previous appearance of Jane do not set this up.  Her ailment will surly be a part of Thor 4 and this book is a major development.




All New All Different Marvel Free Previews 2015

This one kinda spoiled the big reveal in Thor 8.  I’m not sure why Marvel did this but no one seemed to notice or care.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures 1

First appearance of the Power who?!

OK these guys aren’t the power rangers, instead they are clearly a rip off but they are pretty rad none the less!




Want to see a great show try binging The Man in the High Castle.  After that tell me you aren’t excited for the Eisenhorn Warhammer show.  Though Eisenhorn has no comic first there are two things you should know, he first appeared in the rule book for Inquisitors. and he was NOT created by Dan Abnett.  Abnett does get credit for being the architect behind Warhammer comics including Warhammer Monthly and series from Boom but he is often credited for creating Eisenhorn.


There are the Comic books to look for:

Warhammer 40K 0

Warhammer 40K 0 ( Previews Exclusive )


These 3 are from 2007 and are Boom’s first Warhammer comics.  Previously Warhammer comics were featured in Inferno, a gaming mag and Warhammer Monthly of which issues 0,1 and 86 are all worth looking for.

NOTE:  Warhammer 0 was originally released as a supplement to the gaming mag White Dwarf 219 and the first comic appearance was in Inferno 0 which was published in White Dwarf 210



Whoa! Comics 11 ( Germany )

First appearance of Gutt Ghost in a comic ( not including self-published )

Gotta give Mel V from UD all the respect in the world for picking this gem years ago!




Heavy Metal 283

This issue predates all comics other than the Whoa! and the self published

NOTE: There are two alternate covers for this but here is the best of the three


Comic Shop News 1248

One more Boys book…



What if 25

First Lord Thor?

There is no real reason to spec on this but that image of Lord Thor at the end is worth the cheap buy.



——————-COVERS PICKS——————-


Thors 4 ( Keown 1:25 )

Looking for a dynamic Lady Thor cover no one is talking about?  Here ya go!

Secret Wars 2 ( Virgin 2nd print )

And another sick Thor cover including Jane Foster as Thor!

And finally here are a few more personal favorites.

Venom 2 Young Guns Del Mundo

Venom 1 ( Rivera Variant )


I also want to add some future speculation each week,  a comic or comic adaptation that is perfect for adaptation that has yet to be picked up.  Or maybe it’s a book you just cannot afford to leave out of your reading pile.  This week I am recommending Zelazny’s Amber series.  I suggest reading the books and stashing this 3 part series if you can fin it cheap.  Robert Kirkman tries to adapt it for TV and calls this series the inspiration for his working in TV and film.

First appearance: Book 1



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