Wardrobe Please!: Batman (Stealth) & Superman (???)

When coming up with the idea for this column I originally thought of my favorite hero, Spider-Man. I would collect anything Spider-Man and with so many variations and costumes to choose from I never ran out of issues or figures to buy.

With that being said one hero always struck me as having the coolest and most useful suit variations and that hero….The Batman.

Today, let’s talk about a very short-lived Batman suit as there are some great ones in his arsenal but I feel the need to get this one out-of-the-way. So here we go Batman Stealth suit (with a side of superman)!



Bruce Wayne is no stranger to wardrobe changes. Always sporting the latest in tech filled bat fashion I will probably be writing about bat suits for the next 10 years. What I love about Batman’s costumes is most of the time he doesn’t shed his normal get up for superficial purposes, they actually have uses.

In this case (like many others) it was to have a defense against one of the founding members of the Justice League, Superman. The stealth suit as it is once called first appeared in Superman Unchained #2. It is a sleek suit with a bright yellow emblem (very stealthy) that can prevent Batman from being seen by any of Superman’s (or anyones) abilities.

In his words “the suit is equipped to operate along the full electromagnetic spectrum. It senses what’s being used to detect it and reacts accordingly“,   ….works for me. During his demonstration of the suit to Superman he seems more annoyed by it then amused and ask Bruce to destroy it in which he brushes off Superman’s request by changing the subject.

This is all we ever see of the suit until Superman Unchained #7 when Batman uses the suit against the villain Wraith in a fierce Batcave battle. This is the last time we see this suit but I would like to think the worlds greatest detective is just waiting on the right time.



Superman also gets some new dudes in issue #7. Apparently buried in the fortress of solitude there is a device that grants you armor. Now I never got an official name for this super armor so lets just go with…..Super iron Thor because it really looks like something that Tony Stark would make for Thor.

With a hammer like weapon on a rope, a gigantic shield and helmet (because being pretty much invulnerable is not enough) Superman uses this suit to get completely wrecked and it is almost useless. It is destroyed in this issue and to my knowledge is never seen again.

Wait….is this not an article about Batman? He always has an extra trick up his sleeve. Lets talk about the Haz-Bat suit.



The Haz-Bat suit debuted in the New 52 Justice League run in issue #36. Here Batman aids Superman in tracking down patient zero of the deadly amazo virus. The Haz-Bat suit (named by Robin) is a fully insulated suit equipped with teasers and has the ability to protect Batman from viruses, unless of course the visor is broken in battle which happens and leads to Batman getting infected.

While these are by far not the greatest of costumes they are significant in showing the true scope of what a prepared Batman is capable of. I doubt any of the suits mentioned today will make you big bucks on the aftermarket but if your into Batman or just a collector of obscure suit appearances then these are for you.



Superman Unchained #2 Batman stealth suit. This books print run is astronomical but ratio variants galore all the way up to a 1 in 300 Jim Lee sketch (shown). Nothing really pricy but then I don’t see a lot of growth potential this is a collectors book. There is also a combo pack variant.



Superman Unchained #7 Superman (???) Armor another large print run with some high ratio variants. (1:50 shown) Combo pack variant here also



Justice League (new 52) #36 Haz-Bat suit. While not as high as the other the print run here is still over 50k with a 1:25 variant and a combo pack variant.(shown)

These are not books to get rich.

Still recovering from the onslaught of SDCC hope everyone is safe and wallets are still in tact. Until next time from the super hero dressing room.

–Valiant Horton


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