Wardrobe Please! Captain Marvel (Binary)

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks edition of Wardrobe Please! The name Captain Marvel should be well know to you at this point and most know Carol Danvers once went by the name Ms. Marvel, but today we will talk about possibly her 3rd most known moniker Binary.

Between the Ms. Marvel and Warbird identities, and decades before Captain Marvel Air Force pilot Carol Danvers took on the name Binary. Her first appearance as Binary was Uncanny X-men #164. While some Wardrobe changes just signify a change in name or direction for the characters, this move was way beyond just being cosmetic with Binary being granted a heap of new powers and changes to the character know as Carol Danvers.

Binary is the result of Carol being kidnapped and experimented on by the alien race known as the brood(hope they get pulled into the mcu maybe we can still get a Binary story on-screen). These experiments grant her with a new power, the ability to go “binary” and harness the power of a star through a connection with a white hole.

The Binary form grants Carol great strength, speed, energy manipulation and absorption powers. Although this form gives her great strengths she can not maintain it indefinitely and reverts back to normal when over used. Carol with her new powers didn’t find a home with the Avengers or the X-men, deciding to go full on cosmic by joining the space team The Starjammers.

During the Operation Galactic Storm event, in the mist of the Kree vs Shi’ar war Binary’s connection to the white hole from which her powers derived was severed and it seemed we had seen the last of Binary. It was later revealed that while her connection was severed the energy manipulation and absorption abilities were still available to Carol even as she become Captain Marvel.

Not only did she have access to these powers but she could also absorb enough energy to go into her full Binary form making her a force for almost anyone in the marvel universe.

While squeezed between two great Carol Danvers identities, her years as Binary are often overlooked but are very important in explaining the current version of Captain Marvel. While I don’t know if the MCU will touch on it, with Carols first appearance as Captain Marvel hitting record highs and her fist appearance as Ms. Marvel following suit there may be some room for her 1st as Binary to get some love. If not its still a cool book to own.

Uncanny X-men #164: 1st appearance of Carol Danvers as Binary. Its also a great 1st cover appearance. This is one of those books that you dig for. Not an extra book that you pick up if you come across but something that should be on your always check for list. Prices are slowly creeping but I still see this as a longer hold as binary is actually more than just a wardrobe change but an actual staple of the Carol Danvers story. High grade copies are scarce and there are a lot of Uncanny X-men collector’s to compete with.

Thanks for reading, good luck and happy hunting —-Valiant Horton

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