Wardrobe Please! : Deadpool (X-force)

We interrupt today’s regularly scheduled programing to bring you a new article. I was going to post article i had waiting for months about Princess Fisk but decided to push it back as some details are not yet released and i don’t want to jump the gun on the write-up.  So i wanted to try something new. This new piece is called “Wardrobe Please!” And in it i will dive into those great time when characters have given up their iconic wears for something new. Be it For functionality, looks, or other reasons most of long running comic characters go through the process. So today we will take a look at Deadpool’s X-Force (stealth) costume.

Most people by now know of Deadpool. With 2 movies(that other thing doesn’t count) multiple video game and cartoon appearances, this wise cracking gun toting sword wielding anti-hero is pretty much a house hold name. But while most may know him in his red and black get up. There was a time when Deadpool sported a look a bit more fitting for a stealthy assassin. In 2010 during a dark time in x-men history cyclops the golden boy of mutants/leader of the x men wanted to disband the more militant branch know as x-force. Of course wolverine being the smug rebellious guy that he is, went behind the back of the beloved leader and reformed the uncanny x-force with his own morally questionable recruits.

Deadpool was one of these new recruits and in order to fit in with the rest of the groups grey and black colors he ditched his bright red digs for the team colors. This change was purely cosmetic and didn’t signify anything more than him being a team player. Although uncanny x-force #1 was the debut issue for the team Deadpool appeared in this costume prior to the release of Uncanny x force #1,  in the series Wolverine Road to Hell. I believe this is the first time he is seen with this costume.(please sound off in comments if you know of any in story appearance prior to this).

Since then this costume has been a popular alternate for Deadpool following him through video games tons of merchandise including statues action figures and t-shirts and even *very minor dead pool 2 spoilers*(really if you haven’t seen it yet this wont be a deal breaker) a back door node to this costume was placed in Deadpool 2 the movie. Given an x force film is supposedly in the pipe line i would expect to see this costume in all its glory one day hopefully alongside his team of Archangel, E.V.A, Fantomex, Psylocke and Wolverine, but for now if you’re a Deadpool fan and collector which im sure many are, this is another piece to add to your collection.


Wolverine road to hell #1 comes in with a 33k print run. You may drop a few bucks for a NM copy but wont break the bank at all.

Let me know if there is a costume or character you want me to discuss and if you can find an earlier issue feel free to sound off in the comments. Thank you for reading and happy hunting. Valiant Horton

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