Wardrobe Please! : Leatherwing


Remember that time Batman was a pirate? No? Well let me refresh your memory with this edition of Wardrobe Please! where we explore the different costumes/alter egos/ and versions of our favorite character’s.

Way back in Detective Comics Annual #7 we were introduced to an Elseworlds story which featured Batman as a heroic pirate named Leatherwing. What I love about the elseworld stories is the ability to completely reform the whole universe while sticking to the core elements at the same time. We get Robin Redblade, Alfrado, Capitana Felina, and the laughing man who is the pirate version of the joker.

Although just an elseworld story which tend to be one offs, Leatherwing was featured in Batman Chronicles #11 along with a new villain Admiral Cobblepot (a pirate version of the penguin). Leatherwing has no special powers that sets him apart from the main bruce but he is an excellent swordsman who unlike our Batman does not hesitate to kill when needed. Leatherwing may have been featured briefly in batman the brave and the bold animated series although it more so resembles the other pirate batman who was a cover for the return of Bruce Wayne event. This pirate batman seems a bit different in appearance and persona then leatherwing.

I doubt the 1st appearance of Leatherwing will put any kids through college but a cool Batman which happens to be a pirate is hard to resist.

Detective Comics Annual #7 1st appearance of Leatherwing. Print run unknown but these are easy to find for under $10.

Return of Bruce Wayne #3 1st appearance of the other pirate batman(cover). This is a cool cover in a cool set if covers. Not much spec here.

This is a short one this week. I will be at NYCC next Thursday and then my con season is officially over. Thanks for reading —–Dale Valiant Horton

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