Wardrobe Please!: Panther Pool (Deadpool)

Everyone knows you can never have enough versions of Deadpool right?…..right???? Well marvel seems to think that a Deadpool version of every hero is a must so we have Panther Pool.

Unlike some other popular Pool’s Panther pool is actually the original Wade Willson. Debuting in issue #4 of the Black Panther vs Deadpool series that no one asked for, Deadpool infiltrates a Wakandan tech facility where he finds a red panther necklace that grants him his very own Vibranium suit(not that he needs it).


The suit interacts with his dna and transforms into a unique design more fitting for our merc with the mouth just in time for him to engage and best Black Panther in a fight. The suit gives him the same kinetic energy storing and dispersing powers as Black Panther. While he does officially name himself Panther Pool his time in the suit is very short-lived as Shuri is able to shut down the suit via the internet and return it to Black Panther. I doubt we will see Panther Pool again soon if ever but knowing Marvel if a mini series pops up one day i would not be surprised.


Black Panther vs Deadpool #4 a modest 21k print run which is more than i expected from this title. Two covers which both feature Panther Pool. I personally like the cover A with him on the throne but both can work. Not a big spec play as this is a costume and not a true character first appearance so buy it if you love it because this probably is not going to put you in a new corvette one day.

Thanks for reading, until next time— Dale Valiant Horton

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