Wardrobe Please!: Spawn(Holy)

It’s about time to show some love to the mascot of image comics Spawn! While the character of Spawn technically has taking on many forms(although not all with the same man in the suit) today we will take a look at one if my favorites from one of my favorite story arcs.



Holy Spawn first showed up in Spawn #161 which is near the end of the Armageddon arc. Spawn originally being a product of hell always had a finite lifespan, represented by a countdown of numbers throughout the series which accelerated as he used his powers. I always wondered what was going to happen when it reached 0?

During the Armageddon arc God and Satan were reborn to the earth as twin children by none other then spawns former wife Wanda. These children bring the apocalypse upon the earth with their ongoing feud. I’m order to stop the complete destruction of the earth spawn must defeat the 12 disciples (it sounds insane in this very brief summary but trust me the story is really good) and eat a piece of forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden. Almost successful he gets down to the last disciple, Judas before his counter reaches 0 and he died.

Luckily Mother(who instructed him to go to Eden on this mission) revives Spawn with the forbidden fruit and this transforms him into his new Holy Spawn form. This is not one of those purely cosmetic wardrobe changes. Holy  Spawns powers are leaps and bounds over his normal form. Matching the power of both god and satan while also granting him some cool angel wings to fly around with.

With this power not only does Spawn completely decimate the armies of both heaven and hell but he is also able to withstand full on attacks from both god and satan as well as being able to resurrect everyone who died during the Armageddon. This is by far the most prayerful incarnation of Spawn and a cool looking canon costume.



Spawn #161 1st appearance of Holy(god) Spawn:  very modest 25k print run with only 1 cover. This book is getting harder and harder to find but prices remain stable around $10 raw for a good copy. I know the new movie is supposed to be more thriller/horror than comic book film but man would i love to see this story on the big screen 1 day.

Thanks for reading see you next week. — Valiant Horton


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