Wardrobe Please!: Unstoppable Colossus

In this edition of Wardrobe Please! we will talk about a cool character who only gets cooler. A strong hero who gets even stronger. Yes the Unstoppable Colossus.

If you happened to be away from comics during the 2010’s you may have missed one of the greatest marvel Mash-up’s ever. Not only did this combo character make sense for the story but also at its core its something exciting and works. During the fear itself event the Juggernaut Cain Marco drops his current mystic artifact for a new one. A hammer that gives him massive power striking fear into the marvel universe. Who else would be brave enough to combat such a power? Well his sometimes rival of course, in Uncanny X-Men #542 our favorite chrome x-man harnesses the power of Cyttorak(the entity who gives the juggernaut his powers) in an attempt to match the now almost god powered Cain Marco who has taken on the identity or Kuurth the breaker of stone.


Colossus taking on the new powers from the gem of Cyttorak doesn’t just give him the ability to wear the stylish helmet and some new duds. It actually massively increases his powers and invulnerability to almost every power including giving him the juggernauts ability to not be stopped once in motion. With this power he was able to hold of the Kuurth Juggernaut so it was a vital move in the fear itself arc.

However the change was not all positive, as the possession of his mind by Cyttorak causes him to go into anger and rage outbreaks making him very unpredictable and dangerous to those around him. Eventually in a battle with Magik Colossus is stripped of his powers and returns back to normal but this will still remain one of my favorites Wardrobe changes for an X-man. Perhaps at some point we will see the return of the Unstoppable Colossus, I must say i prefer this design over creepy mustache Colossus but that’s just me.


Uncanny X-men #542 54k print run. This is the issue that shows the origin and gives us our first look at the Unstoppable Colossus on the final page. Not a get rich book but cool to have if you collect costumes and pretty cheap.


Uncanny X-Men #543 58k print run. I like this book, first the cover to me is great. Its rare these days you get a cover that matches the story, we are lucky to get a cover that even matches the title we are reading now days but this cover screams everything that i love about comics.

You get an image of the Unstoppable Colossus front and center looking ready to fight and you are not disappointed as this issue wast no time putting our hero up against his nemesis. If not for the cover and not for the classic battle or the first full appearance of the Unstoppable Colossus, pick this book up as it is penultimate issue in this iconic x-men run. Prices are not crazy at the moment partially due to the there is a much less cool looking 1:26 and 1:52 variant. I think this will be one of those must have in collection issues one day.

Not much to this one, cool character in a cool new costume with cool new powers thanks for reading. -Valiant Horton.

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