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Welcome to Wardrobe Please!, where we take a look at some of the alternate versions and costumes of heroes. Sorry for the late edition, honing my fishing skills has been holding me up this week but from the seas I give you a nice fun article and crazy spec. Today we will talk about Wonder Man(I refuse to do any Wonder Woman jokes today) and his life as the hero Hollywood.

Wonder Man(Simon Williams) is not what I would call an A-list avenger but to a certain era of the earths mightiest heroes he was an essential component. In Avengers #9 he made his debut, he has been depicted as a villain, a hero, but one of his most notable characteristics is that in his normal life he is an actor. This is where this version of Wonder Man gets his name Hollywood.

Hollywood is a version of Wonder Man that was transported off world by fellow avenger Vison in order to save him from an impossible battle against the Martian Manhun…. ummm Martian Masters. Finally making his way back to a now conquered earth Wonder Man (whose name was disgraced due to Vision sending him away against his will and the people of earth deeming him a coward) changed his identity to Hollywood to escape the shame of his former name.

As Hollywood, a long white-haired and much more serious version of his Wonder Man persona he went on to join the resistance on earth doing his best to be the hero he always wanted to be. With his full range of ionic powers still in tact Hollywood was able to survive all the way into the 31st century. He went on to Not only join the Guardians of the galaxy but also the new team the Galactic Guardians. Ready for that crazy fun spec now?

So this is something that may be very unlikely(even more so now because of James Gunn’s firing) but still a possible concept so let’s have fun. Could Hollywood make an appearance in the MCU? Sounds nuts right? Well lets explore. Hollywood made his first appearance in issue # 17 of the first Guardians of the Galaxy title. These Guardians who were originally part of the main 616 timeline were separated at some point and now come from a new alternate time line(that Starhawk is constantly altering but is the only member who knows). This has not stopped Gunn from using a large amount of these original guardians in his MCU movies, which we hear rumors that the MCU may be exploring other realities and time lines in the next phase.

Still with me?

In Guardians Vol 2’s mid credits scene we got to see most of the original guardians team. Starhawk(Sylvester Stallone), Aleta(Michelle Yeoh) Charlie-27 (Ving Rhames) Martinex(Michael Rosrnbaum)and Mainframe(Hanna Montana….sorry, Miley Cyrus) who is also part of the Galactic Guardians team alongside Hollywood, ands we already had Yondo (Michael Rooker) who is also one of the early members.

These parts were all played by some very notable names and the fact that Gunn has stated the team would be changing soon leads me to believe some original guardians action may be in our future. That team of Guardians(possibly time or dimension displaced) are sure to meet up with our very own Hollywood, maybe in a future where the earth has been almost destroyed and the Avengers are no more?(or maybe just wiped out buy some huge event, Skrull war? Thanos?)

While Wonder Man has yet to appear in an Avengers movie his placement could serve as a much-needed link between the current time Avengers and the possible future set Guardians, appearing in both franchises as his younger and older self. Hollywood is known to battle alongside the guardians against Kovak, Doom, and even Dormamu but why would Wonder Man be a good choice to be a constant in this time jumping universe hoping MCU?

Well Guardians director and former MCU master space planner James Gunn seemed to see his importance. So much so that he actually tried to include Wonder Man in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which means he does have claim on and the green light to use the character. Not only that, he was being played by a good friend of his(which may now work to his disadvantage) the serenity captain himself (bring back firefly!) Actor Nathan Fillion.

In a facebook post Gunn explained Fillion’s cameo as Wonder man (Simon Williams) and goes on to say he wants to bring both Fillion and Wonder Man in to the MCU in a more substantial role. The cameo was limited to a bunch of in universe movie posters featuring Simon Williams playing various roles, my favorite Being the Steve Jobs like Tony Stark bio pic.

The scenes were unfortunately cut from the film due to them slowing down the film Gunn said but also ending off with saying that we can consider the posters canon and hold onto hope that Simon Williams will rise again.

So to sum up my rabbit hole spec mess and this version of Wonder Man here goes, Wonder Man a C+ list avenger with ion powers whose day job is an actor takes on the identity of Hollywood in an alternate future and fights with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

That team of Guardians as well as Simon Williams were featured(or cut but still canon) in the latest Guardians movie. The new Guardians films are rumored to be putting the current team to rest and another team is rumored to be coming with Sylvester Stallone returning as Starhawk eventually somewhere, and the MCU to be exploring new territory…..very vague, very thin, very rabbit hole.

Guardians of the Galaxy (1990) #17 1st appearance of Simon Williams(Wonder Man) as Hollywood. This book is the definition of dollar bin fodder, I don’t think this will Put your grand kids through college (pick up a 1st appearance of wonder man first if you can) but it is a nice rabbit hole book and if you collect obscure costumes/alt versions then this is something nice to hunt for. I have never seen a remotely nice copy of this book, I do own a nice reader copy and I am happy with it.

Thanks for taking this ride with me down the rabbit hole hope you enjoyed it. Until next time CBSI’ers —Valiant Horton

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