Wardrobe Please! X-23(Fang)

Hello fellow spectators, investors, collectors, and readers. Todays Wardrobe Please! will focus on Laura ( X-23) as per request from the great Topher and Undeadpool in the comments of the previous edition (thanks guys). I wanted to do something a bit off the beaten path and significant, so of the many costumes that X-23 has sported today i will discuss the Fang costume.

We all know X-23 has went through many variations over the years, some great some not so great but this one is one of my favorites. The Fang costume was first worn by X-23 in Uncanny X-men #450. Working as a waitress in a super hero themed cosplay bar, X-23 wore the Fang costume originally made popular by the Wolverine himself way back in Uncanny X-men #107 when he stole it from an imperial guard(named….Fang). While this brown and yellow suit resembles the brown and yellow we have all come to know and love it was actually a precursor appearing between years before the classic brown and yellow for Wolverine.

The costume does not grant any special powers or abilities to X-23 but it should be noted that this issue is the first time she meets the X-Men and more importantly Wolverine(in publication order). Although originally worn by Wolverine the costume only lasted 2 issues with him while X-23 wore it for the majority of her stint with the x-men and given that it was originally a super hero cosplay it can be considered the first X-23 (Laura) as wolverine? Or maybe as Fang depending how you want to look at it. Either way this is a significant and often overlooked depiction of X-23 not sporting much merchandise and being featured as an alternate outfit in few obscure marvel based games.


Uncanny X-men 450: (a huge 100k print run) 1st X-23 Fang Costume and meeting with the X-men(including wolverine) this books significance should not be overlooked by X-23 collector’s of which im sure there is no shortage of. Not a bank breaker but in high-grade this and 451(95k+ print run) can get somewhat pricey for what they are.


If the print run turns you off you can always go after the reprint of 451 which was sold along with an X-23 action figure. These are very hard to find and even harder in high-grade as they were packaged with a toy, this is what you want to have for rarity.

Thank you again for reading as i try to flesh out this new article. As always feel free to drop a suggestion in the comments if there is anything you want to see featured happy hunting and see you next time friends – Valiant Horton

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