We Spoil Endgame Here! You Have Been Warned!!!

So I thought the film was great.  For such a long film I did not get out of my seat once or look at my watch or phone! It was truly a satisfying end to a long, long run for Iron Man, Cap and the rest of the Avengers.

There were some minor problems and there are some burning questions. I had hoped that the Quantum Realm would play a role, not just quantum tunneling but overall it was insanely good!

Mel V and I came up with this list of key, speculative books derived from events and appearances in the film.  We left out minor appearance firsts like the first Miek, Lila ( told ya she wasn’t Kate )  and a few others.  Enjoy!



Avengers 257

First appearance of Nebula

Still undervalued this one defies logic.  Nebula is a badass movie character and in Endgame she plays a significant role.  Don’t sleep on 260 either ( first cover )





Thor 390
First Cap holds Mjolnir and Shield

Mel V got this one right.  That is Cap not US Agent holding those iconic weapons for the first time!  Cap’s worthiness is one of the most emotionally charged events in the film.


Fear Itself 7 ( Variant Only )

First Time Cap holds Mjolnir in his traditional suit.

This one is also the first appearance of Nick Fury’s son.




             Avengers 14,16

First time Avengers Assembled is said

Thor was the first to ever yell those iconic words all the way back in issue 14 but Cap did it on a Kirby cover and hearing it on screen brought a tear to my eye.




Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 8, 9 ( holds shield on cover )

First Sam Wilson as Captain America

The market has been wrong on Sam Wilson, Captain America’s first for a while.  You have to go all the way back to 1998 for his first appearance as Cap.  We also suggest issue 9. That shield moment between Cap and Sam is now pretty important.  




Captain America 25 ( 2013 ), 25 2nd, 1:50 Hughes, WW Austin Tedesco

What the market thinks is the first Sam as Cap

This one is already selling but there’s a problem.  It isn’t the first appearance.  It is the first appearance of his modern costume though, that is, if you  don’t count the book below which predates it by a month.

The more rare 2nd printing,

1:50 Hughes, This book is probably the one you should look for.

The rarest appears to be this Tedesco  Wizard World Austin Variant

Toy lovers, I got you. Here is a rarity.



Avengers 35 ( 2014 )

First Sam as Cap/first cover. Predates Cap 25 ( 2014 )




Captain America 117

First Falcon ( Sam Wilson )

This one will rise and rise as rumors will constantly swirl around a new Cap movie or show.




Incredible Hulk 377, 377 2nd, 377 3rd, 377 Finish

First appearance of Meh Hulk

What a wimp Hulk was in this.  They could have just made him smart and menacing but no.  They pussified the freakin’ Hulk.  Still….these are gonna do well.





Invincible Iron Man 10, 10 Variant, 10 2nd print ( first Rescue Cover ), 10 secret retailer barcode variant, 11, 11 2nd print.

First Rescue


For me her appearance was stunning.  I am not a big fan of the actress but her portrayal of Potts has always been solid.  I only wish we were given more.


This cover has two versions, a direct and a rare newsstand.The variant

and the secret retailer variant with different barcode numbering ( 01031 )


The 2nd print of issue 10 is the first Rescue cover and it still the most valuable edition of all the Rescue books.  When the rumor of Rescue hit this one shot up like the rest but since then the predicable speculative pattern continued and it fell back to Earth even though the evidence was strong that she would appear in the film.

Issue 11 is actually the first full appearance and it too has a direct and newsstand editions

and the more rare 2nd printing…




A-Force 1 ( first team cover, probably the most iconic cover ), 1 Hughes, 1 Hans

First appearance of A-Force

Don’t tell me that carefully crafted shot in the final battle wasn’t intentional.  There has already been talk of an all female Marvel Avengers film.  Speculators should take notice.

NOTE:  There are other variants for this book.


Guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

First Appearance of Harley Keener

So this guy’s appearance could have simply been a nod to Iron Man 3 or it could be a clue as to who will take up the next fight.  Will Ty become a major hero or villain in the next phase?  This is a cheap spec no matter what!




Avengers 12

Iron Man wields the gauntlet

We told ya about this one at CBSI last week and the week before.  Hope you listened!  This book is exploding.


      Infamous Iron Man 1 1:25

    first appearance of AI Tony

Looking ahead Stark could actually return and he is still contractually obligated for 2 more films.  How you ask?  As a snarky AI perhaps!

NOTE: There are multiple variants for this




Iron Man 284

First death of Tony Stark

Tony Stark’s death in now the most recognized comic movie death ever.  Not only is this a sick cover but it is the first time Rhodes wears armor.




Captain America 21 ( 2012 )

First Old Man Steve

What a way to end a legacy and all without a death!  This book is unrelated to the movie narrative but it is the first appearance of old man Steve!

Might want to think about this one too even though it’s an alternate reality.  It predates the issue above.

Thanks to the Despective for convincing me to include this one!

Got a first appearance of Fat Thor or Morgan Stark that isn’t a dude?  We would love to hear about it!


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