Wednesday Warriors 6/19/19

Welcome to the NEW Wednesday Warriors!

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE.

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Hands down my favorite title from Marvel right now. If you aren’t reading this series tsk tsk!

I am also looking forward to reading Daredevil this week. But in the interest of variance I will select my man Miles. The last arc had tons of buzz and this issue kicks off a new one with a cover from the director of Into the Spiderverse.

Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

With “The Sixth Dimension” storyline wrapped, Justice League returns to earth but Lex Luthor has plans for them. I’m ready to kick off a new story arc!

I am not a huge Superman Fan or a Romita onr, and I didn’t dig Miller’s last DK installment. Having said that, DC Black Label has been on point so I will give this one a try.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

Can’t really say “looking forward to reading” as I read an advance copy of this book and absolutely loved it! Each issue, the story gets better and better.  

I, like many avid readers, am excited about the opportunity to jump on board and begin reading a fresh Usagi story from the beginning. I have high hopes for this IDW effort. 

​Cover Art

​​​​If this was an incentive it would be the pick of the week for A LOT of people. This cover by Clayton Crain is nothing short of amazing!

Love these Checchetto 2nd Print Variant covers. Plus cmon, Daredevil wearing the Punisher Skull all bloody??????? Yessir!

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

Classic Spider-Man, Green Goblin, and Gwen Stacy! Great cover and a classic story makes this my pick this week.

I got a chance to see the Virgin Exclusive Heroes Con Variant from Frankie’s Comics at Heroes Con and this cover is even more stunning in person than online.

​Regular Price Variant DC

The team helps Crush take on her father Lobo, Deathstroke’s death still looms over them, and Damian’s secret prison is exposed. Combining all of that with the great cover art from Alex Garner has me picking up this book.

I really love this black background cover Oliver has going on here. Batman looks mysterious here. This is a solid buy and hold book for me.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

These variants may seem graphic but the art fits the story and I love the fact that each cover is done by a female artist.

I like a lot of these Psi Lords covers. I think this series is flying under the radar of a lot of speculators. I heard Editor Robert Meyers say 2 years ago this was the one project he wanted to see come to fruition.  So there is support behind it. The covers are awesome but this clean cover is my favorite and sold out at Midtown.

​Incentive Variant

With Good Girl Art being hot right now this incentive covers fits the narrative! Not sure how many stores will order 40 copies of this book. Although, with the amount of covers available for this book more stores may have.

I am bullish on these Usagi variants. I saw first hand at Heroes Con this year the true popularity of Stan Sakai and it was truly staggering. Combine that with a high ratio Kevin Eastman and you have a recipe for success.

​Top Spec Pick

I love the premise of this story and the art looks fantastic. Combine that with the recent Dark Horse/Netflix first look deal, I’m going to buy a few copies and stash them away in a short box and wait.

This is a slow spec week. I like a lot of the Usagi variants but this book has secondary market pop all over it. Cover art came out late and most would have ordered had they known about the Venom tie in. This one may be scarce on NCBD. BOLO!

​Sleeper Pick

If issue #1 takes off, I like the second print to follow it.

This Scout Comics release has a chance to pop as Scout has A. Been seeing a secondary market uptick and B. These controversial religious stories can get mainstream media buzz causing a run on books at literally any moment. A true sleeper release.

Last Week Look Back

Final: Bolo 4 – 3 – 3

This was a tough week. Most books would not pay off in the short term. Brian came out strong early and Bolo ended strong. Ultimately, that late printing incentive pick did it for Bolo. Keep walking with the dark side Jack! Some of these books (Sonata, Trust Fall, Event Leviathan, etc) have good late gainer potential.

What did you guys think? Who took last week?  Who will win this week? Sound off in the comments!

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