Wednesday Warriors 6/5/19

Welcome to the NEW Wednesday Warriors!

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE.

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

Black Cat first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #194 in 1979. 40 years is a long time to wait for a self titled series. I’m looking forward to reading this issue but if I’m being honest, I don’t have high hopes for this series. Over/Under for cancellation – 12 issues

This Cates run is being grossly overlooked. I have enjoyed seeing him play with a new toy box of characters.

Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

The last few issues of this series has been great and I can’t wait to see what happens now that Deathstroke is dead and the Legion of Doom crashes his funeral.

I really liked issue #1 and the 1st appearance spec paid off already with a little Laughing Man cameo in the animated movie. #2 may just have a few firsts of its own. I can’t wait to read this one.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

Ok, I’m cheating here and was provided an advance copy of this issue from the writer, Adem Kiamil. This issue is soooo good. If you are a fan of X-Men, you’ll want to give this a read for sure.

This one is all about the spoilers. Everyone wants to know if what they think happened in #191 happens did. Kirkman is teasing this will be a key. We will see.

​Cover Art

Love him or hate Mattina brings the heat and this Superman cover is bad a$$!

Granov is two for two this week with some killer cover art. I love this cover and Captain Marvel is still hot with little signs of slowing down.

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

This cover is a candidate for cover of the year. I love it that much. Beware however, there is a store exclusive virgin variant of this. I’ll stick with the regular price variant myself.

I hate agreeing with you, but I do. This cover is gorgeous. I hate seeing it get the retailer exclusive virgin treatment as it kills the secondary market value. But this one is stunning none the less.

​Regular Price Variant DC

Issue #1 introduced us to the Laughing Man. What will issue #2 introduce us to? This has all the makings of a groundbreaking series and I recommend getting in on it early. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing Bruce Wayne being raised by Splinter instead of Alfred lol.

I still am a bit of a homage homer. And nothing seems to move the market like horror these days. These Putri horror variants have a solid chance at staying power as they connect with fans on a nostalgia level.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

Boom! Studios has big plans for the Buffy universe and I love these Slayer variants.

With few of these existing and the popularity of xon commissions this book with be bought. Now its secondary market value is tough. Few ever pop. It will all depend on how big #192 if at all. Either way, in a slow week, I’m doubling down.

​Incentive Variant

A 1:500 by J Scott Campbell when he’s in his element with the Spider universe. It’s a definite win.

This low print indie release comes from the popular Gus Fink and probably won’t be readily available. Having said that, cheap copies are still out there on the market. 

​Top Spec Pick

A beloved character from a beloved franchise and I think this may be hard to find. Don’t see many listed on eBay for sale.

This is a hit or miss pick here. My thought is we live in the age of optioning, indie comics are hot, and Mark Waid has name value. This incentive may be grossly under ordered.

​Sleeper Pick

We find out what happened to Nova, Quasar, Adam Warlock, and Darkhawk after the attack by the Black Order as told by Cosmo. This Jen Bartel cover may be overlooked and could be a sleeper as she is definitely one of the hottest artists right now.

This book should be available on release day and for cover from many places. It is seeing a ton of social buzz. Bolo for this one as prices could raise.

Last Week Look Back

I won’t even break these down individually because it’s bad, real bad. Dark Horse spec hear saved us each once. 

Final: Bolo 5 – 0 – 5

This week was a bit more convincing. Bolo was aided by late printing shenanigans. Do you agree with our assessment? Sound off in the comments.   What did you guys think? Who took last week?  Who will win this week? Sound off in the comments!

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