Week 10


This week we’ll start things off with a Spider-Gwen image from artist Epsilon. Khoi Cakes pointed this image out to me and it’s a great homage to Spectacular Spider-Man #101… Truth be told I seriously doubt Spider-Gwen will ever reach 101 issues.

Street Fighter is one of those properties that has a huge fan base. I had planned to probably drop a cool Cammy White image on folks as the first SF image in this column.. and probably still will.

Regardless, this Blanka image by artist Eric Yan just demanded that honor. I mean just look at this image, it’s incredible! It just baffles the mind how this piece has not been used as a cover for the Street Fighter comic.

By the way, don’t be surprised if you see Eric’s art featured again down the road, he’s got some really cool stuff in his gallery.

Now for the finally! Check out this UNBELIEVABLY EPIC Gwenpool image by Korean artist JeeHyung Lee! (Not to be confused with InHyuk Lee) HOLY S#!*!!! this might be the most awesome Gwenpool image ever in the history of EVER!

Apparently this was used for a video game banner or load screen… some nonsense like that. So at least JeeHyung was paid by some branch of Marvel for it. Still though, considering JeeHyung has done actual covers for Marvel comics like the Medusa cover for Monster’s Unleashed #2. It’s just a crime this is not an actual comic cover.

Whoever’s the editor for the Gwenpool title is should have moved heaven and earth to get this on a cover. Considering some of the lousy variants Gwenpool has been saddled with over her brief 25 issues, this would have made ordering 25-50 copies worth it… and probably would have helped Gwen avoid cancellation! Another miss opportunity from the house that ran out of ideas.

That’s all for this week, be back here every Monday for more awesome art!

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