Week 11

It’s Week 11 and we’re still going strong! It’s a rarity that I will ever feature the same artist twice in two weeks… Mostly because there’s just so many talented artist to choose from it seems kind silly to do that. However, this is one of those times. Last week I showed you that incredible Gwenpool piece by artist JeeHyung Lee who’s just a powerhouse of talent.

This week I’ve got another amazing image from his. This Psylocke image really grabbed my attention and seemed like a great one to use. Mainly because Psylocke hasn’t been featured yet. I know, right, like how have I not featured Psylocke at least once in the first 11 weeks of this column.

It’s been awhile (at least a month) since I featured a

I’ve tried to keep the images full color up to this point… but I just had to make an exception in this case. It really exemplifies the idea behind this column. This truly would make an awesome cover. Also, how could I not feature one of Marco’s images, he seems to love drawing Black Cat almost as much as J. Scott Campbell.

This final image for this week is of Batgirl and Supergirl. It was created by freelance artist Yutthaphong Kaewsuk from Thailand. I make a real effort to find the absolute best images possible for this article. I have to say… I was a bit reluctant to feature this one simply because of the way they are bumping chests. In the end, the potential of ruffled feathers wasn’t enough to sway me from sharing this. It really is an incredible piece of artwork and should be seen and shared.

Well that does it for this week, see you all next Monday!

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