Week 13

It’s week 13 and time for your cool cover art fix. This weeks first image is of Psylocke. It was created by freelance artist Yutthaphong Kaewsuk from Thailand. Folks might remember the Batgirl/Supergirl image by this artist featured a few weeks ago… oddly enough the same week I also featured a different Psylocke image.

While I’m thinking about it, Psylocke was nobody’s favorite character before Jim Lee’s redesigned for her. Before Uncanny X-Men 256-258 she was pretty lame. In Fact, they had to give her armor to keep her from getting wiped out every issue they battled anyone… but I digress. Psylocke has evolved into a fan favorite character since her upgrade to the bad ass psionic ninja everyone knows her as today.

This next image Batgirl Barbara Gordon is from artist  Jacob Sparks. I wasn’t aware of Jacob’s work till Mel V pointed him out. It’s reminiscent of a certain Adam Hughes Catwoman cover. One I think we’re all familiar with by now. Jacob is a concept artist living in Los Angeles. Oddly enough this is not the only comic heroine mug shot image he’s done. His gallery over on instagram is pretty cool and you should check it out.

Last but not least this week, we have a Spider-Gwen image by Didi Esmeralda. I know Spider-Gwen is not everyone’s favorite character.  To be brutally honest, I completely lost interest in her book too. Granted it was after Robbie Rodriguez had the audacity to attack Frank Cho… both verbally and via social media. So that probably had something to do with it.

Anyways, Didi Esmeralda has created a really stunningly cute image of Spider-Gwen. It’s really a shame images like this one (and others I’ve featured) haven’t graced the cover of Spider-Gwen… Rather than the uninspiring covers that have dominated the majority of her series.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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