Week 15

First up this week is this Batwoman image by German artist Cottony Hotchkiss. This Batwoman image is just incredible. Moreover it appears to be done entirely in Copic markers and watercolor. Cotteny has also created youtube videos of her process, which I strongly recommend aspiring artist or professionals check out. For folks that live in Germany or close by, Cottney will be appearing at 2 german comic conventions. Comiciade 2018 and Comicon Germany 2018 according to her website.

This next image is by Inhyuk Lee, who i’m sure many of you are already familiar with. This Venom image is just absolutely sick! It’s from the Marvel War Heroes Cards set. It just blows my mind that Marvel would have a card set full of images that blow the doors off the vast majority of their actual book covers. It probably shouldn’t, but it does. So don’t be surprised to see more of these cards showing up in future articles.

Finally this week, a different Batgirl. This time it’s Cassandra Cain by yoshiyaki. Or maybe it’s Black Bat… doesn’t really matter. I think I use this image before in my Comic Disambiguation column I think… or maybe it was an Agree to Disagree… again, probably doesn’t matter.

Sadly this is one of the few finished color images of Cassandra I’ve ever found that really just blows me away. I’d love to find more finished images of Cass that are up to snuff, but that seems to be easier said than done… I guess there’s just no love for Cassandra out there in the high caliber fanartdom.

Don’t forget, you can always check out pasted instalments here!

That’s all for this week, tune in next time for more art that should be covers! 

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