week 16

Since we’re 16 weeks in at this point, I figured it’s a good time to throw everyone for a loop. This week I thought it would be fun to tackle a widely disliked type of cover, the dreaded “Cosplay Cover”.

Let’s be honest, most published cosplay covers are underwhelming. However, that doesn’t mean there are no good cosplay images out on the internet. It’s really the opposite.

The thing that’s actually really cool about good cosplay, is it proves that comic/superhero costumes can work… If you know what you’re doing.

Let’s take this

Next up is Black Cat, and it’s funny, there are so many Black Cat cosplay images I could have picked from. I was looking at images beyond the model or the outfit to start narrowing it down. It needed to… well, in all honesty it need to pass the, “if Dell’Otto painted it rather than being a photo, would people buy it” test. This cosplay image is the work of Rinaca and Michael la-Cour, both from Denmark.

Next up… Well. It was going to be Harley Quinn until I got tired of scrolling. Not to mention, which Harley Quinn to feature? Classic, Bombshell’s, Steampunk, Suicide Squad, New 52, Injustice… Arkham Asylum? So I ended up going with…

Green Arrow!

We haven’t had a Green Arrow cover yet, so why not. Yeah, I know, it should be a dude, but can I tell you, this just felt like it would work as a cover. It jumped out at me from a sea of images. That’s no small task and granted, it was after scrolling through hundreds of Harley images, so something green would definitely stand out. Still, I think it would spring off a comic rack if it was an actual cover.

This image features DeAnna Davis, who you might recognize from a Red Sonja cosplay cover Dynamite actually published in June of last year. The photography is by Jwai Design Photography and the bow was created by Project Triforce.

Ok, so that’s it for this week, I’ll spare you any more cosplay for today. Next week will be back to good old regular artwork… but I think you’ll agree. Cosplay, done well, is an art form all it’s own.

Till Next Week!

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