Week 17

Here we are at week 17. I’ll confess, I’m a bit under the weather at time of writing this but I’m going to power through it. My first instinct was to just take the easy way out and do a Black Cat week… but after last week cosplay enstallment I thought better of it. I’m writing this one under the assumption that didn’t go over well.

So we’ll start things off with an Iron Man… Since I’m pretty sure we haven’t had one yet. This image is by artist 

Ok, moving on to the second piece of the week. Thanos by artist Eddie Nunez. Again, I was just scrolling through Thanos images, most of which were pretty cool already. When I got to this one I stopped and looked at it for a few moments. Maybe it was the cold medicine but I stared at it for a while.

I couldn’t tell, but it seemed like it was a cover. After some research I realized that it was something else I was thinking of. So after putting in that much effort, I decided that it should be feature. I mean, after all, it sure feels like it should be a Thanos cover. The negative space created by the chair to create room for the logo/Trade dressing. Thanos leaning forward. It’s certainly set up to be a cover that’s for sure.

Last but certainly not least this week is this Wonder Woman image by Lois van Baarle, AKA Loish. When I first ran across her work about a decade ago, it reminded me a little of James Jean at first. Now when I look at it, it’s Loish. I can pick it out of a sea of images as easily as any other artist with a distinct style.

I’m going to be brutally honest here, the fact that Loish’s work hasn’t graced a comic cover by the big two is unacceptable. Especially in this new age of diversity.

I could easily pick 5 titles from either publisher suitable for Loish to produce a cover run for… and it would be incredible. With the current trend of variant covers. If a publisher wanted to get new buyers for their comics, a popular artist with a large fan bases would be a good start.  An artist like Loish, who’s fan base is more than 225K globally… Yeah, that’s someone you go out of your way to hire.

That’s it for this week, See ya next Monday!

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