Week 18

Folks send me cool art images all the time. So I try to use them when I can fit them in. This week should probably be labeled the “Wouldn’t that Make a Cool Cover: The Unpressable Defects Edition”. Since all three images were forwarded to me from those podcast guys.

First up this week, Mel V sent this venomized Black Cat my way. It’s by artist

Next up is this Spider-man image Trey sent over. It’s a very cool image and it also has the distinction of being the first 3D Image featured. Truth be told, I’ve been think about how to ease folks into art created outside of drawing. With digital techniques such as photoshop already being used, 3d computer generated artwork really isn’t a stretch. This image was created by artist Andre Holzmeister whose an Art Director and CG Supervisors. Spiderman here is just a personal project he did in his spare time. What’s also interesting is in the comments for this image. Andre mention both Jim Lee and Todd Mcfarlane as being big influences in his work.

Last but not least this week is the glorious Catwoman piece. It was created by artist Shannon Maer. Shannon works in games and cover art according to his social media. In many ways his work reminds me of Boris. His process is heavily digital and a little hard to explain. So probably best to check out his youtube channel and see for yourself.

There was a time when I would have been against a comic cover being done using 3D software, but over the years my scope has broadened. At the end of the day a client or publisher doesn’t care how you get from point A to point B. What they care about is that the work is on time and looks like what they expect to see.

There’s definitely a segment of the comic art world that has gone full digital. Why sell an original piece one time if you can sell a digital print over and over. Obviously that’s not the only reason to go digital, simply one of many. Regardless of how you feel about it. One thing’s for sure. Creating cool art is no longer limited by the tools, only by an artist imagination.

Till Next Week!

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