Week 2

As promised I’m back again with some great artwork that could make super cool covers. Let me be clear, these images are mock ups and are not actual covers. You can click on the images to see the original “virgin” artwork or on the artist names to see their websites or social media pages.

First up is

Ryan Hall is an art director in the gaming industry. I was looking for artwork for future articles when I ran across this awesome Hellboy piece. I really like animation friendly art with bright colors and dynamic action. Well composed action is something many comic covers today are lacking… which is a symptom of artist relying too heavily on reference in my opinion. It’s also part of the reason why so many covers are pin-ups. Not hating on pin-ups, but when so many covers are pin-up pieces, dramatic art like this really starts standing out.

With a new Hellboy movie in development, it wouldn’t surprise me to find more cool fan art surface like this. Definitely click on the image, I regrettably had to rotate and crop it to fit the comic book cover proportions.

is a professional concept artist from Indonesia who works primarily in games. Shortly after the release of the Logan movie, someone in our G+ group brought this image up. It’s an incredible rendition of a young Laura.

I’m just going to say this right now, IF Marvel published a reprint of NYX #3 with this image and didn’t junk it up with “Marvel Must Haves” or “True Believers” splattered across the top. It would effortlessly sell 100K copies to retailers. If they wanted to push those sales higher, just offer a virgin ratio cover incentive version of this image. 

What else do I have up my sleeve to share with you? Find out next Monday!

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