Week 20 Wraparound Covers!


This week marks the first wraparound cover”s” feature. I know, exciting, right?! It also happens to be the first time there’s not any full color artwork featured either.

The first of our three wrap around images is by artist 

You can also check out Jason Pearson cover checklist here.

Next up this week is Eric Canete with his insanely awesome X-Force #1 homage. Canete’s been featured here before, way back in the very first instalment actually. Truth be told, I hadn’t planned on doing a wrap around feature, it just kinda happened. But once the wind blew that way, well, there was no way I could leave this out. No question who did this X-Force #1 layout better, clearly Canete. My apologies for the dreadful photoshop job, unfortunately there’s not a real good image of this stunning artwork and I was in a bit of a rush. As always, if you click on the image it will take you to the sorce, in this case Canete has some detail shot of it on his instagram page.

Finally, this crazy Red Goblin vs Spider-man sketch cover by Tim Vigil. I’m not going to lie, I honestly never thought I’d be able to feature Vigil in this column. Mel V and I were talking about Vigil on hangouts a couple weeks ago.  While going through Tim’s Instagram I ran across this and said, “I’ve Gotta Feature that, consequences be damned!”. For those that don’t know who Tim “Faust” Vigil is, his work is typically NSFW and has been since before that acronym was even a thing.

I  don’t know if he’s blacklisted by the big two or just not interested in working for them… Regardless this image is the kinda thing high ratios variants should be! While it’s not typically something a big company wants to do, ie showing their flag ship character blown to bits with a goblin bomb. It’s the exact type of thing that could get a shop to order 100 copies of a regular cover book nobodies cares about. Look, an image like this, kids are probably never going to see it. Mainly because what kid has $300 or $1000 a retailer would charge for an insane 1:100 1:500 or 1:1000 variant cover like this? So many variants are cool, but typically not cool enough to be a “I gotta have that! I don’t care what it cost, take my money!”. Which is exactly what a cover like this would be.

Till Next Week!


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