week 21

Up first this week is an image by Carlo Barberi. Carlo’s might be a name that’s familiar to some, recently he’s been working on the Super Son’s title among other things. I’ve been keeping an eye out for Carlo’s work for a while. He’s worked on Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man, Brave and the Bold and a host of other titles for the big two. Easily my favorite thing he’s ever done is Amazing Spider-Man vol3 #18.1. For obvious reasons. Carlo has several images on his instagram for projects that never came to fruition, all of which would make great covers.

Next Up is Reiq. If his name sounds vaguely familiar it probably because he did that Rose #9 Cover C that sold out a few weeks back. Usually it’s the Loopy Dave covers that sell out.

I’ll let everyone in on a little seacret. Someone at Image Comics is paying attention to non comic book artist out there. Reiq isn’t the first… we’ll go with mature content, internet popular artist they’ve worked with. Internet Popular… is that an actual thing? Man, I’m getting old.

Remember a couple week back when I went on a rant about Loish? Or maybe I cut that out… doesn’t matter. Ok, Reiq’s been building a fan base as long as Loish has. Depending where you frequent, Reiq has amassed a 100K+ following globally. Think about that, that’s over 3 times the sales on most monthly books from the big two. So if you have an artist that popular, hiring them and syphon off some of those fans to buy your product seems like a no brainer.

In a perfect world people will buy your Spider-man book because Spider-man. But much like we saw in the 90’s, there are artist out there that are big names. Just because you don’t know who they are, doesn’t mean they don’t have status. 14 years ago many of you reading this had no idea who Artgerm was either, or the fact that his fan base is 325K globally.

Anyways, I really like this Supergirl image even though it my be a little too anime style for some people’s tastes.

That’s all for this week, see you next time!

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