Week 22


Hard to believe it’s been roughly 5 months now, yet here we are. It’s been a while since Power-Girl made an appearance. You can imagine my surprise when I ran across this

Art Adam’s falls into a category of, an Artists Artist. Meaning that a large part of his fan base is aspiring or established artist themselves. You can see Arthur’s influence in so many of the top comic artists over the past 20 years. I’d try to list them, but i’d literally be here all day.

Jon Sommariva is the artist behind the first Batman and TMNT… which admittedly I didn’t read. But I did pick up issue #2 because Harley was on the cover.

Speaking on Harley, I miss the classic version. So naturally I’m really dig on this Harley vs Raph commission Jon did. He then released it as an art print. I’d totally buy a Harley vs Raph one-shot Sai vs Mallot, sign me up!

This image of Dark Knight is by artist Fred Jordan… who other than his name I know absolutely nothing about. Fred’s work has a watercolor look to it. Is it water color, or digital? I have no idea.  I tried to find out something about this guy, anything. Aside from “Award Winning Artist & Illustrator Creating out of California” which it states on his instagram page, i’ve got nothing.

Regardless,this old man Bruce Wayne image is really incredible. Personally, I feel the DK3 series had some underwhelming covers over all. This would have been a killer ratio variant for any issue of the series.

That’s it for this week, till next Monday!

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