Week 23

It’s week 23, and I’m back with a new batch of cool images from around the net.

Garrett Blair has been doing sketch covers for a while now. Typically a lot of his art is mature content material, but once in a while he does do an all ages sketch cover like this.

The thing that’s really nice about this particular image is it’s engaging and tells a story… or at least sparks one.

The current Harley title has really slid down hill in my opinion recently. Something like Harley Quinn training for a Bloodsport type competition would be more interesting to me as opposed to pretty much the same old, same old that carried over from the new 52.

Look, It was fine for a while, but Harley’s strength as a character is how she interacts with other popular characters. 

Kill off the gang of Harleys already… seriously. Talk about a dead horse. And Bring back John Timms as the regular artist too. Really, what happened over at DC Comics in Harley Quinn department.

Ok, I know many folks on here prefer a more realistic artist style, so the with these last two I aim to please.

I featured a Black Cat image by Mark Beachum way back in the very first instalment of this column, so I figured it was time to showcase his incredible work once again. This is just one of many Wonder Woman painting by Mark, he’s got many more displayed on his deviantart account… among other female characters.  So go check them out.

Last but not least this week is this cool Star Wars Vader and Kylo Ren Image by Scott Dewey. Another artist I stumbled upon over on instagram. It works as either a cover or a movie poster in my opinion. He’s got a bunch of really cool and visually different image on his instagram account, so give him a follow.

That’s it for this week, till next Monday!

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