Week 24


First up this week is an image by Steven Sanchez who been around the internet for years. Saying that Steven’s work is cartoony doesn’t really do it justice, it’s more like hyper cartoony or something. He really pushes everything from expression to anatomical form, with an angular flair.

Truth be told, I was combing Steven Sanchez work specifically looking for Street Fighter artwork when I ran across this TMNT pix he’d done. Damn, I’d read turtlers every month if the interiors were drawn like this!

So expect to see more of him in a future instalments. Sanchez is much like other artist that I’ve referred to as “internet popular”. He’s massed a large online following that he’s been building for years.

Marco Santucci is an artist from Italy… not sure if he’s been featured before, but doesn’t really matter. I could have picked a piece at random from his gallery that would fit the bill for this column. Ultimately I ended up choosing this Silk vs Black Cat piece. Not so much because of Black Cat, who gets plenty of coverage, more because of Silk. I know there’s some Silk fans out there so this one’s really for you.
I believe this image might have been trading card size sketch. Which is pretty impressive. He should be doing interiors at one of the big two.
Marco’s got sketch covers and all sort of artwork done with copic or similar markers on his dA page, so go check them out!

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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