Week 26

Dan Brereton is an artist/painter that many comic fans might not be aware of. He’s worked for the big two as well as publishers that have long gone extinct. The majority of the work he does these days in commissions, sketch covers and work on his creator owned property, Nocturnals. one of my favorite comics Dan worked on was the Thrillkillers miniseries from DC. Another favorite is a mini series called GiantKiller, about a monster that hunts other monster in what was once the San Francisco Bay Area. If you love giant monsters and traditional painted art, you should check it out.
As I mentioned before, Dan is probably best known for his creator owned property Nocturnals, which started as a mini series as
Anyways, there was a host of Dan’s images I could have used for this, but I ended up with this Big Barda image. I liked it because, A.) We haven’t had a Big Barda image since the first installment, B.) Because I had never seen it before, it was done for a charity Auction. And ofcourse C.) There’s clearly not enough Big Barda content here on the website… no really.
I wanted to try and find a Ms. Marvel image because I know there’s lots of folks out there who are fans of the new version. Unfortunately I’m really not… after scrolling through images, I kinda got bored and this image caught my eye. So we have this Carol Danvers version of Ms. Marvel by artist Arturo Gutierrez instead.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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