Week 29

This week I thought it might be nice to continue with a single theme like the past few weeks… actually I needed to do this quick so, yeah, that’s what’s really going on.
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Huntress character. At the time of writing this new rumors have surfaced that she’ll appear in the Birds of Prey movie being developed… so how could I not use that as an excuse to do a Huntress centric installment.
First up is this image by
This image is by artist Ricken from Japan. While it’s admittedly a bit risque, I think with the current market for variants, offering an alternative to something safe might be a good direction to consider. This piece I found interesting since it shows the Helena Bertinelli version of the Huntress  with Power Girl, instead of the the Helena Wayne version. Power Girl and Helena Wayne are best pals over on Earth 2. Helena Bertinell and Power Girl barely know each other which is pointed out in JSA Classified #3.
I’m a big fan of the
Last but not least Tyler Kirkham is not a new name in the comic world but he’s steadily been gaining heat over the past few years. I never really noticed his work until Deathstroke. Now that i’ve become familiar, I’m totally a fan. Tyler has really found his own voice as an artist. This pairing with colorist Arif Prianto from Indonesia is really beautiful. I’d like to see them working together on a regular basis. It appears this Huntress images was originally a commission but I still think it would make an excellent cover… plus this image was originally slated for my second installment before it got bumped and forgotten about.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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