Week 3

So it’s week 3! I guess you’re back again for your awesome artwork fix!

 is just an incredible penciler. I first discovered his work on Deathstroke and then proceeded to track down pretty much everything I could find he had drawn, like Jirni from Aspen comics. I just can’t believe this Black Cat piece isn’t a cover… it baffles the mind. With the trade dressing added it just sells itself.

So you may have seen this next image already floating around the internet. It’s an epic piece by artist/ colorist Thomas Mason. I really don’t even know what I can say about this incredible Batman Who Laughs homage to Brian Bolland’s classic Killing Joke cover… since it clearly speaks for itself. The three Robins in the reflection of the lens is a really nice touch. The other nice thing about this is that all the trade dressing work was done.

Before I ventured down the digital art rabbit hole I had no idea some of these artist even existed. Which is why this technology age we live in now is just so wonderful.

Dandonfuga it appears, according to the information I’ve found, is a she. While digging deeper I’ve found that much of the art she does would be considered NSFW. Which believe it or not has nothing to do with how I stumbled upon her art. Regardless, this Supergirl piece really grabbed me…. I’m not sure how to quantify it, it reminded me a little of the Power Girl #27 cover for some odd reason. All I could think of when I first saw it was “damn that would make a cool cover!”. The small tears and the band aid are also a nice touch.

Well that’s all for this week, more art next Monday!

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