Week 31

So I thought this week we’d try the single character theme again and I accidentally ran across a bunch of Deathstroke images. So that was convenient.
First up is by
This next image is by artist Alessandro Baldasseroni. This is just incredible and another candidate for the current Batman vs Deathstroke story line. That’s Batman’s cowl he’s holding. Unlike most of the art featured here this image was created using 3d software. Modeled and textured by Baldasseroni, with some photshop work… I think.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find out much more about the way this image was created to share with you.
Last up this week is an image by artist Ceasar Ian Muyuela from the Philippines. I’ve been meaning to feature Muyuela work for a while, but to be honest the huge logo he puts in the corner of his work is a major turn off. It always reminds me at a glance of the WWF/WWE logo or something. I don’t know why, it’s just how it looks out of the corner of my eye on my smart phone… but I digress.
Regardless, his works incredible. Check out his galleries, it’s like every single image just want to jump off the screen and punch, stab, kick or shoot you in the face.
That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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