Week 32

This week I though we might celebrate the Wedding of Batman and Cat Woman… I have to admit, i really can’t believe as a grown person I’m typing that sentence. Yet here we are. I actually had something very different for this week before I switched gears. So I just kicked it back and you can see/read that stuff in August.

So originally I thought this was going to be images of both Batman and Catwoman, but after sifting through hundreds of images it became clear, this was going to be a Catwoman centric type thing.

Ok, first up we have this Catwoman image by Ai, a female artist from Japan. Everything about this image is working. It would defiantly make a cool cover.

Next up is Expie.Ai. The funny thing about this one is I love this Catwoman illustration, even the design from the later cartoons. But unfortunately nothing else in the artist gallery of images looks anything like this. It’s very bizzar. But if this was an option for Batman 50, I’d not only buy it, but I’d buy enough to slab a few.

Next were have this crazy punkrock’ish image from Massa Axel from France. Again, if this was a Batman 50 or Catwoman #1 cover, I’d buy a few, I might even spring for a virgin cover. I really think fresh blood is needed in the variant game if it’s going to continue.

Last one for today is this purple costume Catwoman piece by artist JimboBox. I’m sure that not his real name, but if you want to see more of his work, that’s how you’ll find him. I was never much for this design really, but it certainly works here. Probably should have done this as a wrap around cover, so make sure you click on the image to see the original horizontal formate.


That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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