Week 33

This week I thought we’d try something a little different… but I have a pit in my stomach telling me it’s a bad idea to let this particular genie out of the bottle… or maybe it’s just too much coffee.

With all the whack cover themes Marvel has beaten like a dead horse, I’m really surprised they haven’t done a “Genderbent Characters Cover Month”. Seems like it might be a good way to test the waters with a mashup/genderbent character before committing to a series that will undoubtedly be met with outrage and hatred by long time fans.

The idea is nothing new really, there have been stories in comics from both Marvel and DC exploring this. Like the time Spoiler took over as Robin only to be killed off during War Games. Or the time when Super-man and Batman switched bodies with Huntress and Power Girl. Or when Martian Manhunter was a girl. I could go on and on but I’ll spare you.

First two images are by Eric Canete, who folks should be no stranger too if you’ve been following this column since the beginning. This image was originally what sparked the idea for an installment in this theme. I’ve gushed over Canete’s work repeatedly, so I’ll spare you all this time. I will say, Canete possesses an honesty that we need more of in this day and age. To see what I mean, you actually have to click on the image and read his posting of the original image on Instagram.

This next image is by artists Randy Green and intheswamp. The Hell Girl idea isn’t new concept. It probably happened 15 minutes after the first Hellboy comic hit the rack… but i thought it was cool and wanted to show some indy comic love. I wasn’t sure how difficult it was going to be to find quality gender swapped hero image beyond the Eric Canete ones when I started this.​

One of the things I realized pretty quickly, most of the quality images of gender bent characters were of male to female swaps. Not too much going the other way unfortunately.

Last up is this Robin piece by Adam Hughes, this one cracks me up. There’s just not enough word balloons on comic covers these days. Yeah, Yeah, I know, this one shouldn’t really count because blah blah blah. But it’s an AH! image you probably haven’t seen, so you’re welcome.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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