Week 35

This Poison piece is by artist Cristian Melian. Now I do realize that Poison is from Final Fight and not Street Fighter… originally. Poison did appear in Ultra Street Fighter IV eventually. Regardless, I don’t think the rest of the internet actually cares.

Love shim or hate shim, Poison is probably one of the most recognizable fighting game characters in the world. To be honest, I never really expected to feature a Poison image. I was actually looking for something completely different for an article earlier this month, when I stumbled across this. I’m kinda glad though, I feature a lot of female characters in this column and always worry a bit that i’m not using enough male characters… but Poison here is the first transgender character that’s been featured. Sure, I’ve feature a few gender swapped characters, but that’s not really the same thing.  

Next up is this Thor image by G-Rough-Kotatsu, a freelance illustrator from Japan. I’m not really much of a Thor fan, I’ll admit. That being said I’d probably be able to get through it if it was done in a more manga or animated style. I thought I could do it when he was a she. Once it was revealed it was Jane Foster, after running us in circles for 8 issue, the novelty wore off quick. Still dig issue 5 regardless if the 8 issue run felt like a waste of my time and money.

Regardless, you should check out G-Rough-Kotatsu, gallery, there’s all kinds of cool images there.

Last up is this Power Girl image is by Jeff Chapman. This image is an example of the photoshop technique “photobashing”. The thing I really like about Jeff is he lists out links to the stock images he uses. He’s not hiding anything, “here’s what i used to make this”. Also, It’s not just one or two images, it’s as many as 8, or more sometimes. He really does a great job with how he weaves them together. It’s impressive. Anyone can hammer out garbage in photoshop. Throw a bunch of images together and throw everything in shadow to black out stuff. But Jeff’s work is almost seamless. Originally I had planned to use this image as part of an April Fool’s day cosplay installment, but for some reason i abandoned it.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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