Week 36

Well it took a while but I finally found an image of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)… actually I found nothing, I think Khoi sent me this. The image is by 


Now to offset the digital let’s go with a traditional. This Huntress piece is by artist Cat Staggs. What’s really interesting about this image is it has a sorta pulp feel to it. I always get a pulp vibe from tradition work, depending on the techniques employed. When you add the Huntress, well it just really works well, especially with the white background. Usually people with throw a city scape in there or something. Which in this case might be too much and clutter it up. I’m not really a fan of white covers, because of how easily they collect dirt and grim. However, this is an example of an image i’d buy a few copies of to slab if it was an actual cover.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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